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Big festivals Vs. Small events: Which to choose?

Written by on August 11, 2017

Almost every raver had to make the choice about where to go next at least once in his life, because time and money are limited. Some music lovers love to go to large festivals, to enjoy craziness with thousands of people, but some prefer small club nights with other passionate music lovers. Both kinds of events have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s have a look on them:

Big festivals

  1. Popularity

Huge festivals like Tomorrowland, A State Of Trance, Dreamstate and Ultra have a long history and almost every Trance lover will know about them, that’s why a lot of people want to experience them because… well, everyone goes there! Or perhaps they still don’t know much about other music events…

Unforgettable visuals at Transmission Festival

  1. Stage, decorations and visuals

    Usual huge line-up for festivals (ASOT800 in Utrecht)

Oh yeah! Ravers want to enjoy events not just with their ears, but also with their eyes! As an example, Transmission festival became so popular probably because of its lasers and stages for more than 10 years. At smaller events it’s simply not necessary, all you can usually see are just a big screen, a few lights, maybe some official logos and handmade decorations. Just the minimum to prevent the event location from looking the same as usual.

  1. Huge line-up

So you want to hear a lot of artists during 1-3 days? Then choose a festival, where you can hear about 30 and even more artists… per day! But expect another struggle: as there are many stages, this means a lot of running and many artists playing at the same time and usually overlapping…

  1. Lose yourself!

Maybe you want to open up, go wild and enjoy the life without someone criticizing you? Then your choice is simple! A chance of meeting someone you know is much lower at big festivals, and nobody will care about what you do.

  1. Mixed international crowd

Because of worldwide popularity of large festivals, there are lots of people travelling from all parts of the world to them, bringing their flags, languages and dancing moves. Want to make a lot of friends from around the world? Use your chance and don’t forget to bring a flag from your country!

Luminosity – one of the most international and biggest Trance music festivals


Small events

  1. Intimacy

    Smiling Ferry Corsten with fans after 3 h set

Do you want to see your favorite DJs playing as close as possible, meet and take pictures with them? During smaller club events the chance for it to happen is much higher (especially in the VIP zone)! Usually, there is not a big crowd which wants to ‘absorb’ their idols as there is during large festivals, so most of the artists are not against hanging out and talking to their fans.

  1. More dedicated and passionate crowd

In most cases, only the best fans are coming for smaller events, because they know it will be worth it, especially if they are coming from abroad and they want to follow their favorite artists or label. Best example: FSOE Club Night in Amsterdam in April 2017 – amazing night and experience!

  1. The price

Most of the times prices for such events are smaller – 15-30 Euros, but length of them – same or just a bit shorter than festivals. Definitely a good deal to save money!

Aly & Fila OTC in Panama Amsterdam

  1. Not missing anything

You have much smaller risk of getting lost, staying in lines for drinks or toilets, or missing some artists playing at different stages. There will often be just one stage with the bar in the same hall, so you won’t miss your favorite DJ, as you don’t have to run from one stage to another or plan a schedule in advance like during other festivals.

  1. Discovering and supporting new artists

Most of the times you will hear only one or few headliners, the rest will be local, new or just growing artists, but that doesn’t mean they are less talented than others. Everyone has to start with something small, so who knows – maybe once you will hear new artist who will become a big name in few years!


After reading all the facts – what kind of event will YOU choose next time?

Anjunabeats Miami 2017 – what a party!

Author’s comment:

My personal choice – smaller club events with <1000 people. I love to meet and talk to artists, especially if they are just starting their career. I love to be able to meet my friends easily, usually in front of the stage. I really like to see artist’s face when performing, when you can see how they enjoy the music. When I went to Miami Music Week, I chose to go for 4-5 club events instead of paying >300 dollars for Ultra festival. Thanks to that, I’ve met and talked to more than 25 DJs in 3 days, even with legends like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and Above & Beyond. I made a lot of new friends, also among artists, and the overall feeling… There are not so many festivals which could make you feel that way!