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We feel, love, care

Written by on August 19, 2017

We feel, we love, we care

While most of us, the trance family, have the chance to enjoy life and feel the music; there are people in this world who can’t really manage to get to enjoy their lives. Sometimes it’s because of hunger, sometimes is because of the cold or the lack of a helping hand to assist them to pull through their difficult lives.
The team of Trance-Energy radio is aware of this reality and tries to help in any way possible to make a change in somebody’s life. This summer Trance-Energy Radio launched a campaign with a very specific goal: to help poor families with children in their care by raising money for food, hygiene products, clothes etc. Few weeks after beginning of the campaign, two families received small, but nice support, and we deeply hope that it is only the beginning.

Becoming adults too early

One of the families that received our support lives in a small place, with only two rooms. It may not seem so small but they key factor is that they are eight kids, and lack of  provisions like current water or gas, but most importantly – they have lost their mother, who has passed away not a long time ago.

On top of that critical circumstance, one of the girls already has her own child. In such a situation, even small help is more than just useful. In order to do so, our member Michelle was there to give them some clothes and supplies, but because of the dogs she was not able to go inside. Or perhaps the kids didn’t want her to experience their real situation? Hopefully, our gift made a difference in their lives.


Fighting reality together
There’s another family which is fighting with age and health problems. An 84-year-old lady and her 30+ years old son are surviving with only 115 Euros per month to sustain the household, which is not enough for living, naturally. They certainly cannot afford to pay bills and provide themselves with food. Money is not even enough to buy other things like clothes and wood for fire -which costs more than twice of their month income- and winter will come anyway. However, even in such a difficult situation these people, especially the old lady, have a warm heart, and Michelle fully enjoyed spending 2 nights with this small family, where you could feel like “home”: because home is not a place, but the people and the feelings that live there.

We can’t do this alone
In order to help more families further, we need… YOU. Your help is essential for our cause as it is for many others. We are doing our best allocating resources from the Radio for this charitable causes, but the more people helping, the wider our range will be, and the more lives we will be able to change, at least, for a while, and just a bit.
If you ever were in need, you know that the feeling of having someone who helps you in the moment when you think all has been said and done, is like a caress to the soul and a boost to the heart.
We hope that this campaign will become our tradition in the future, because making people happy makes the whole world better!
We count on your help!
If you want to take part in this campaign, you can support people in need by:
• Donating money via PayPal: tranceradio@gmail.com;
• Sending clothes and other products/items to InKey (message to InKey for more details);
• Ordering Trance-Energy Radio T-Shirt from https://teechip.com/trance-energyradio, as the money will go to our charity acts.

Personal note: Since Trance-Energy Radio broadcasted the first sound, my idea was to keep it always free to all and to help others in as many ways as we can. Besides in helping artists on their path, slowly we’ve seen that we can make a small income. Instead to use that income for us, I decided that is better to help others in need, that have a poor condition. Some said “Yeah, you’re the owner, you make money” but is not like that, I pay all from my wallet and never was a problem about that because it’s all with passion and I like what we do together. Our gratitude is the final smile from people that we could or can help during our journey, no mater that’s an artist or a case like above. Helping is good, Helping is GREAT, Sharing is beautiful and their smiles are Priceless! Doesn’t matter how much you donate or what you donate, just do it, you’ll feel good after that, let your humanity go out. We received donations by PayPal, or others ordered a t-shirt, others just sent some goods like clothes via mail. A small gesture from anyone can make a great thing as final. Be a Family, Act like a Family!