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Dj Application


Welcome on Trance-Energy Radio Dj Application page.

Here you’ll find all the info you need to know. Every week we receive many messages from DJs around the world that want to be in our team but not all are complete so its our duty to make a full page with what we request so next time everyone will send an e-mail with all the data.

First of all, Name&Surname (ex. Joe Doe) and your Stage Name (ex. DJ BlowUpTheStage) so we know with who we have the honor to speak to.

We want to know all your Social Network links, like Facebook (preferable the artist page) , Twitter, Mixcloud, Soundcloud etc etc

Now that you introduced yourself it’s time to know WHY you want to be in our team. Give us a good reason to choose you in front of others DJs that made the application too. Tell us something about you, what you did, what you do, what you want to do, what influenced you in trance genre, what are your goals, if you are a “bedroom dj” or you already had some live experience etc etc… Let us know you!

What about your show? You want a show on our radio station, right? Tell us about it! Tell us the lenght of the show and how periodic will be, if you’ll perform more a sub-genre of trance or everything that means trance. Tell us your idea about what you want to create! In base of your ideas we can work together and maybe to help you more. Here we help others to create, not to be some kind of robots that only make some sets and that’s all! Here’s a home and we make space for creativity. Bring something new, something crazy ( we like crazy stuff…shhht, this is between us, ok? 🙂 )

So, let’s review: full name, nickname, links (so we can look after you a bit like a spy LOL ), something about you and your ideas about the show. That’s all!

Now type that e-mail and send it at dj@t-er.org

Add at Subject: Dj Application Your Name

One of our admins will read it and will answer as soon as possible.

Good Luck!