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Vorcera – Trancescension

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Saturday, 4th Week, 26-03-2022 16:00 17:00
Sunday, 1st Week, 05-06-2022 17:00 18:00
3rd Saturday, 15/10/2022 16:00 17:00
Saturday, 5th Week, 29-10-2022 16:00 17:00
Saturday, 1st Week, 05-11-2022 19:00 20:00
Saturday 1st 16:00 17:00
Saturday 2nd 16:00 17:00
Saturday 3rd 16:00 17:00
Saturday 4th 16:00 17:00
Saturday 5th 16:00 17:00


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I am a 32 year old guy from the Netherlands and been a big fan of trance ever since I could listen to it in the late 90's
After getting the first ever solo dj concert by Tiesto in the Gelredome on DVD I was always dreaming of playing trance myself.
After Tiesto, Armin became like  the motherfigure for me in the scene. Nowadays he is a rolemodel.
Not as a dj but as a person. Not for what he does but how he does it and how his personality keeps him grounded.
Sadly it took me till the year 2013 before I got my own turntable (Numark Mixtrack pro) and started playing.

From the start Uplifting trance and Orchestral trance has been my favorite subgenres but its close to almost all other subgenres.
After really starting to play for my self and online livestreams, I knew that that was exactly what I wanted.

I want to share my love for the Trance genre with other people and if possible give them a great time.
No fame wishes, no faux person, no charades, just me and my geniun love for the music.
After years of trying to produce I got a lucky shot by contacting someone who was willing to help and through that I got many more connections.
If you have seen my beatport page you will have seen my very first release.
It’s nothing much but I learned a lot from it.

The show to me is a brand and a brand I want to expand.
The main Trancescension show is al about promoting tracks.
I try to stay withing 2 weeks for the latest releases and use promo’s I receive to promote future releases as well.

I created the show with a journey through trance in mind.
The intro reflects that, justs as the items and voiceovers announcing them in it.
I have an ATOW which stands for the Ascension Track Of the Week.
Basically just the track of the week.
Then I have a TOTW, meaning Throwback Of The Week.
Last but not least is a POTW, meaning Promo Of The Week.

Every final episode of the month I have a guest dj and every second episode of every even month I try present a Showcase episode.
This Showcase episode is specifically to present a label instead of an artist.
I try to get the label owner to present it but any dj they pick is fine.
It’s all about the label.
The guests are not limited to big artists as I want to make my show a platform that will help others with some airtime as well.

Then the final part of the show is the Ascension Roundup. Every episode (guest mixes excluded) will have a vote system on my website for people to vote for their favorite track of the week.
Then on the first episode of the month I count the votes and see what the top 5 is for that month.

To achieve my goals of sharing my love for the music, giving people a moment of peace with the music I play, I want to expand.
I want to grow my show!
In the future I with enough of a fanbase I would love to create a real life event. (I know that it sounds familiar…. I take inspiration from armin)
And to finialize everything.
I hope that with a big enough fanbase and listenerbase I can do something for charities.
When music can bring so many people together I believe with little effort you can move mountains.
You just have to be brace enough to do it 🙂

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