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I am always Ready For Disorder!

Written by on April 12, 2017



Before starting reading this article, it’s good for you to know that this wasn’t my first event, but it is my first review, so I hope you will enjoy it, because this event I’m writing about is unique in many ways.

First of all, a little bit of general information. ReadyForDisorder (RFD) is a series of events, hosted by Slovak Trance DJ and producer – ReOrder. This event took place on Saturday 8th April 2017.

The origin of ‘Disorder’

It all started one year ago in the city of Prague, and I am happy to see it growing; since the beginning there were also events hosted in the Netherlands and France. The word  ‘Disorder’ already says much about the craziness of these events  – if you’ve ever seen ReOrder performing live at least once, you will understand what I mean (#giggle).

I was lucky to know about this party many months ago, maybe even shortly before it was officially announced, and I had so many reasons to be here, so I couldn’t miss it. A good friend of mine was also playing, Dreamseekers, which meant free accommodation for me in Prague – I’m always travelling on a low budget, saving money as much possible for more events. Many producers I like were also playing, and the most important reason for me was that it was a small event, which I prefer if you compare to bigger festivals.

Location was also perfect! Mecca Club in Prague is well known among trance music lovers  mostly for hosting Transmission Pre-Parties, and I’ve been there for the last two years, so I’ve always seen it fully packed, and this was not different on this Saturday. It’s one of few clubs in Prague ready to host trance events, like Aly & Fila or the same RFD e.g.

There were different types of tickets as usual, from Regular to VIP, but I was lucky to be on the guest list, as my friend was playing that night, so I got also access to the VIP zone.

If you ever go to Mecca Club and you want to meet artists in a friendly atmosphere, and get very close to the stage (I love doing that, always!), don’t spare your money and take VIP! I love meeting producers and have the chance to talk to them, because everyone is also a person, not just a DJ. At the same time, if you want to dance like crazy and have fun, even with Regular ticket you will be satisfied! Artists are also approaching to their fans, but it means that they will be also surrounded by the crowd.

Together with my friend (as I already mentioned, one of the artists performing on the 2nd stage – Dreamseekers) we arrived 20 minutes before the event was about to start. The venue was almost empty because the real crowd always arrives later. There were still people working and preparing the stage, and I had the chance to see ReOrder and his future wife (best wishes for Tibor and Šarka!) running around all the time – well, hosting a party is never an easy thing! We used our time to check out the refreshed design of the club and a new stage – it’s always good to see improvements (everyone likes good lights and lasers)! The view from the 2nd floor to the stage was good as always – just be sure to take the best spot before someone takes it (although this wasn’t a real problem). And finally, the time to start the party came!


View from the 2nd floor


Luigi Di Mare starting the party

First to start the warm-up was Luigi Di Mare, who wasn’t afraid to play for almost an empty club in the beginning. Soon the situation changed, and I saw some people from Polish and Ukrainian Trance Families taking the first row, staying there almost all the time! People were finally coming, and I am sure it was much easier to play with people moving, than to an empty dance floor. It was all about good progressive, but when I heard ‘Spectrum’ by Zedd, remixed by Armin Van Buuren, it gave me some ‘nostalgic’ feeling, about the times when I just started listening to Trance. Also listening to the magic voice of Susana with ‘Reach the Sun’ by Beat Service was nice, and this was just the beginning!

Soon Michele Cavaletto overtook the decks and continued the warming-up with ‘Destiny’ by Andrew Bayer and Ilan Bluestone. After my Anjuna-experience in Miami, this track still makes me emotional, and I was glad to hear a lot of Anjuna-Sound during Michele’s set, even if I really didn’t expect this, because… well, as much as I know, all the other artists from that night usually aren’t playing that. The whole time I had this feeling, that this was just the beginning.

Next was Unbeat, who played instead of Ferry Tayle that night. He was announced only on the day of event, because, as much as I’ve heard, Ferry got sick and couldn’t come. I really wanted to meet him, because his productions are  truly amazing, so I hope to get my chance next week during FSOE Clubnight in Amsterdam. Unbeat played a lot of Ferry’s tracks, especially ‘Napoleon’ and that beautiful mash-up ‘Nubia is Good for Me’. Still, I expected to hear a much ‘wilder’ sound from him, because last time I’ve heard him was during Transmission Pre-Party – he was the last one, and he was playing really… hard. Anyway, it wasn’t even midnight yet!

And what was happening around that time? People were still coming in, ReOrder was still running around. Also Driftmoon arrived some time before – in my opinion he seems to be the ‘most met’ producer; it’s always nice to talk with him. He was also helping around with equipment – supporting a friend is always needed!

Shortly after my phone showed 00:00, it’s was Driftmoon’s time to begin with all the fun! To be honest – I really love his sets. I’ve seen him… now it’s 5 times already, and it’s always awesome to see how he enjoys together with the public. He played his new remix on ‘Shelter’ by Dash Berlin, and also, as he had promised before, a lot of new IDs (seems like a new Trance album by Driftmoon is coming soon – woohoo!). In the beginning I was listening from the left side of the stage, but soon I felt that I needed to join the crowd! And it was the right decision, because when he played ‘Light Will Guide You Home’… well, I remembered about the times when I just got to know him properly. After that, some interesting ID followed – now it’s time to wait for all the new releases! Anyway – wonderful set, as always!


Take a walk on the wild side

Before Driftmoon’s set, while I was still at the left side of the stage, at some moment I turned my head and saw Sied van Riel standing right behind me watching the stage and the crowd. It was my first time meeting him in person, and of course I took advantage of this opportunity to talk with him. It’s always a pleasure to meet people who are so passionate about music, and for whom money is not as important as their passion is. I hope to meet him again during his Rielism party in Amsterdam on May 12th – his birthday!

Finally the culmination of the night had come – it was ReOrder’s time to take his place on stage. The crowd went wild – it was obvious that he was the main reason for them to be there, which makes sense, because he is the host of RFD. Keywords for his performance – crazy, madness, wild, fire! I am sure about the public’s love for him because of this, same as I do! Jumping around, using fire and fog smoke blasters, his crazy face expressions… And also his music, always full of energy! Another sound, another tempo… Well, seems like we are expecting another trance album very soon! Also, the fans are still waiting for that crazy unreleased collaboration with Driftmoon.


ReOrder having fun!

Next was Jordan Suckleys turn – the special guest, who continued on the same tempo as ReOrder, going wild together with the crowd. I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet him in person, shortly before his set, and found out he is just another wonderful person in this Trance scene!  (I also got the new Jordan Suckley/Damaged wristband for my collection) What can I say? – I love this genre not just because of the music itself, also because of the people, the Trance Family!

At some point, I had to miss part of Jordan’s and next set to support my friend from Dreamseekers playing on the 2nd stage. This room is much smaller, and although the main party was upstairs, it was still crowded. This is the perfect place if you want to get some rest and enjoy good music! It was nice to see my friend being asked about his tracks after his set, because he has some really good ones, which will be soon released. Still, it takes some time for a new name to grow – let’s wish him luck!


The end with a bang

While I was returning to main stage, I heard ‘Heliopause’ by Robert Nickson, which gave me the sign – I have to run to the front! I made it on time, when Sied van Riel dropped the best part of this track, at that point I knew I was going to enjoy the set, and I really did! After his set he also made time for everyone who wanted a chance to meet him – I think every raver will agree that this is an awesome thing.


Crowd loves Sied van Riel!

When Sied finished, it was already 4:00 am, which meant – crowd will start to go away soon, so they need something to keep the energy high, and what could be better than high tempo music with psy-sound? It’s not something you would expect from a girl, but well – it was Kristy Jay’s turn at decks! It was kind of clear for me that she is not used to be in front of so many people, but as I said later to her – “You saw how the crowd was still there at the end of your set? That means you were good!” Although there are not so many girls in Trance scene, I felt happy to see that some of them are doing great.

Last but not least, it was the turn of OverDoz to close the party – he is a DJ from London, who also played hard, but kept both the energy and the melody in balance during his set. I was not able to stay till the end because of my friend, but of course I would have stayed if I had the chance!


Overall, I have the feeling this event was more based on friendship than on business. I’m also a person who enjoys everything, so there was nothing to be disappointed about – I met my friends, old and new ones, I met new artists, I loved the music and energy, and I really enjoyed this intimacy of small events. Most of things I love wouldn’t happen if this would have been a huge festival. I really wish a lot of success to ReOrder with his future events, and let’s hope it will grow into something bigger! (Although I rather prefer it not to get too big, otherwise it would lose some of these nice things).


p.s. My only advice for the organizers – please, if you have a Facebook event,  post more in English, because there are a lot of trance lovers from other countries, and they also want to stay updated, even if they don’t have the chance to come next time!


For an exclusive interview with ReOrder, soon here!


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