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Transmission Festival Asia : (The Spirit of The Warrior) The Biggest Trance weekend in Asia

Written by on April 10, 2018

After the huge success of last year’s show, The world class Trance event and one of the best & biggest indoor festivals in the world is back for the second time in a row, to BITEC center in Bangkok, Thailand, one of the hottest spots in the world and a destination for so many Tourists & Trance lovers from the neighboring countries and from all around the world

Trance lovers came from more than 70 countries as far East as Japan and Australia and far west from USA, Mexico & Argentina and of course from Czech Republic the homeland of the show

A very warm welcome to the biggest Trance event in Asia till date, welcome to Transmission Festival Asia




Couple of hours before the show , Walking down the stairs of Bang NA station, few steps away from BITEC center, you could see Trance lovers coming from everywhere with their beautiful costumes,  flags & plenty of wristbands , right after the main gates transmission arrows were guiding you to Entrance no. 99

Along the way you could smell the Thai spices around the food court and so many banners with Transmission logos and lineup photos


Here we are at gate 99, you could feel the AC was pulling us to get in to a huge hall for registration, you can spot the merchandising area and entrance gates for the main hall, it was the final sound check time and we were invited for a backstage tour



Such a huge dance floor and huge stage , the VIP & VVIP arenas were at the back of the dance floor so you can watch the whole stage and those amazing laser shows , it was an easy access  after the gate and an incredible spot specially during show time it was crazy up there to see every single detail of the show , the djs , the dancers & of course the incredible visuals , the sound was literally AMAZING , so clear and well distributed to all areas so you can enjoy the music wherever you are whether front row or at the back and this is a huge improvement than last year’s show with better logistics and fun to everyone




What was so  interesting about the time table & the lineup is that it was perfectly chosen and scheduled to move from the deeper progressive sounds to the uplifting and more banging stuff in harmony like an open to close set with diversity of styles and that’s a huge point to be considered while scheduling a lineup for a huge event like this so big thumbs up for Transmission Festival team



Warming up with Lonskii!

5 o’clock in the afternoon here comes the time , it’s the show time, all gates are open to welcome the crowd alongside the beginning of the warm up set of Lonskii, who did really well playing those great progressive melodies featuring the vocals of Emma Hewitt and Richard Bedford while everyone was singing along “but you can never take my soul” – Northern Soul, one of the hottest tunes at the moment and one of the biggest highlights of  Above & Beyond’s Common Ground Album

Double crowd than last year!

Apparently Transmission could attract so many Trance Lovers from Asia & All around the world to make it for the second time with almost double the crowd than last year which is a huge success for the show & for Trance to go even bigger in the area


The number of trance lovers is becoming bigger and bigger , each group of TranceFamily were taking photos with their country flags or Trance community flags in front of the huge Transmission banner at gate 99 also some running to buy their favorite Transmission wristbands and transmission flags and starter packs for first timers that was sold out shortly after gates opened



The opening ceremony

As usual Driftmoon & Geronimo always come up with amazing performance and special notes for each show , and they raised the bar so high with their the Spirit of the warrior edition with pianos, drums and amazing orchestral melodies  you were being transformed into a warrior getting ready for the war

Here comes The league of the Aliases!

The Thrillseekers pres. Hydra!

was the perfect opening set you could ask for, with Steve’s classic Trance touch and those guitar sounds it was absolutely delightful to get you in the mood alongside the visuals in front of you with warriors dressed and ready for the war


Amber – which made a huge success in 2016 making it to the wonder of the year in Aly & Fila’s radio show Future Sound of Egypt , such a great melody and vibrant atmosphere that made everybody dance




Markus Schulz pres. Dakota here comes the true beginning of madness!

The stage visuals became more vibrant and the laser journey has begun for Transmission resident and composer of “The spirit of the warrior” the anthem for this year’s edition , Mr. Markus Schulz

Presenting some dark melodies of his finest project Dakota that you can’t resist


Surprisingly it wasn’t a nine skies set but it was a bit darker with Dakota originals, remixes & mashups, and of course a  “Highlight tribe” tune  that started to rock the place


Ferry Corsten pres. Gouryella 2.0  !

After some dark tunes here comes Trance LEGEND Ferry Corsten  with his one of the best and most successful projects Gouryella 2.0 with all these emotions , the set was truly epic and the sound was absolutely spectacular, who needs to plug his ears from this beauty from what emotions sound like

not to forget that the whole set was mastered to fit Transmission sound and it was one of the best and most engineered sound you could hear

Pic by:Palci

One of the highlights of the set and the show was of course “Wherever you are” featuring the vocals of Haliene that did an amazing job and everybody was singing along


Also Drum is a weapon was quite wicked that Driftmoon and Ferry Tayle were moving heads & hands with the melody with the crowd at the back of the VIP area


Ending this magical journey in class with the tune of the year 2015 Gouryella – Anahera!


Key 4050

Moving from an emotional spectacular journey to a way darker techy stuff , the tempo went a bit higher by the duo  Bryan Kearney & Subculture boss John O’callaghan  and for Tech Trance fans this was heaven on earth with all these ID’s that can fit in 2 albums


Another soldier behind the scenes was of course lady Kim Kiona the amazing vocalist and Transmission show Presenter who did the live interviews with artists & Trance lovers coming from different continents


Aly & Fila bringing serious uplifting damage!

Hailing from the Lands of pharaohs , here comes Egypt’s finest exports the matadors of uplifting , the owners of Future sound of Egypt Recordings ,  the huge Egyptian Duo Aly & Fila

The dance floor was totally packed with so many people with Aly & Fila’s tattoos on their cheeks

Everybody was dancing to the incredible uplifting sounds, FSOE Clandestine’s new bangers and of course ID’s ID’s everywhere


Their collaboration with Sue McLaren – Surrender , one of the hottest vocal tracks of their album “Beyond the lights” with its emotional lyrics and significant melody was a huge moment on the dance floor and the crowd was singing along in happiness

And of course the uplifting remix of “you & I”  their collaboration with the well known Emma Hewitt did a very good job

The Samurai Visuals during Aly & Fila’s set were truly spectacular and maybe the best of the whole show

Pic by:Palci

The perfect combination between great music and great visuals for a wonderful Transmission experience



Ben Nicky heating it up!

Ben Nicky took it to the next level with some harder stuff & TranceFamily proved that they weren’t afraid of 138, 140 or even 150 BPM

Pic by:Palci

Vini Vici were there with their spirit, a couple of their successful tunes were played and this proves that every Trance show nowadays is not complete without their presence whether by being in the lineup or with their tunes being played and that’s a huge success for the duo & the Psy Trance scene


Jordan Suckley Closing The Spirit of the warrior!

You couldn’t ask for a better closing set for such a huge event, Jordan was killing it on the stage, with tremendous amount of energy in the house

The Tech trance revolution is so obvious and it brings such an incredible atmosphere specially starting with an ID remix of a banger like Second Sine – Immoral

Pic by:Palci


He  took us on a journey back to 2005 with Armin van Buuren – Shivers it felt like the earliest days of trance such a huge classic tune and huge vocals from Susana  , how could it end this way don’t leave me love me just a little bit longer , having all these goosebumps hoping for the show to last forever

The Crowd couldn’t stop jumping even after hours of dancing, also Fila from Aly & Fila joined the crowd  before the end of the show , and everybody came for pictures and hugs it was such a lovely moment


Thanks to the teams behind the show for their huge efforts and Massive congratulations on this huge success , United Music, & Mr. Transmission Martijn van den berg , Create intelligence , Pure  pleasure entertainment Srangkun Sirisinha aka lonskii, Vision impossible team Martijn Adema , and our Transmission heroes , Didi Wiboonma , Tom G Brown & Charlotte Houareau  and everyone involved in this edition of the show , it was a huge success a big thank you and see you next year