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Luminosity Trance Gathering – the official warming up before ASOT800

Written by on March 4, 2017


Two weekends ago we had an amazing Trance weekend all-in-one, it still keeps buzzing in my mind! I can’t believe how fast it went, while still under the involving magic of two great days with the music we love!

Let’s go back in time, because it all started here!


We all know by now that Luminosity Events is behind our beloved Lumi Beach Festival, which is like the emblematic festival for all Trance lovers. Every year they are gaining terrain in the Trance events worldwide. This time couldn’t be different.

Luminosity Trance Gathering took place on Friday 17th February, the day before ASOT800.


To be honest, I wasn’t sure about attending this party. Although many of my friends were coming especially for this weekend and somehow felt like an obliged appointment. I asked the radio to have a press pass, unfortunately it was too late. At this point I knew my chances to attend were a matter of trusting in destiny. A couple of days before the event a good Trance friend, Hayley, posted about a friend of hers offering a ticket for free, the guy who was giving it away was not able to attend and wanted nothing in exchange. This kind of things are what makes you feel more in tuned with the real trance family feeling. I was grateful for this opportunity and most of all, of been able to share the craziness of this weekend with all my good friends.

After a good meal at home with my friend Florian, whom I also know thanks to Trance, we took the train direction Amsterdam. On our way to Panama we went walking from Central Station; it was a nice sight by the water, a beautiful night. We even met two Swedish guys who lost direction, so we walked together.

It was perfect timing, it was Florian‘s last weekend in the Netherlands, after living here for almost a year. A beautiful way to say farewell to each other, together enjoying our beloved music. We were more than ready to party!

An intimate trance family reunion


The party was hosted at Panama, a venue I like pretty much, in the city of Amsterdam. This club is also a good reminder of every year’s Lumi’s after-party. For me that was Luminosity Beach Festival 2015. In that afterparty I’ve met lots of friends I still have contact with and became part of my trance family.

TER Tech headmaster Dragos was broadcasting live the sets of the whole event. All videos can be found on DJ Channel TV.

We arrived at the Studio stage when Cold Rush was spinning with great pleasure. He played great tracks and it was a (really!) warm welcome. Immediately saw some familiar faces between the smoke and the warmth, so I stayed in that little room, dancing and enjoying my time. It was quite full with people and too warm for me. Being a small person in a world of giants (at least here in the Netherlands) can be seriousloy risky with overheating in a closed room. Believe me.

After Cold Rush I went to the main room,  happy to catch the last part of Airwave’s set.  The whole room was fully packed so went directly to front row. There  I found many of my friends,  always easy to find them closer to the stage. I hadn’t seen some of them for a long time, others for the last at Luminosity Beach Festival 2016.

This was indeed a real trance family gathering.

This aspect makes the location really important. Club Panama holds a nice vibe in general, it’s not a huge place but it’s well divided and that brings balance and a nice atmosphere. I had this feeling of belongness, feeling really welcome. The best was reuniting with all friends coming from all parts of the world.

It was now time for The Thrillseekers. It was an ‘album special set’, and a good way to keep on the good mood.  We had beautiful moments; my heart kept pounding with emotion when he played ‘Amber’ and ‘Halcyon’… I love them both! I would say ‘Amber’ is a kind of treasure, something about the construction of the song, its magical and crystalline melody that takes you far away, in a kind of ethereal trip.  It was a magical moment, indeed, when everybody kneeled on the floor waiting for the drop. What feelings can do when you share Trance moments like this.

Keeping the high vibes

After The Thrillseekers the vibe was good, perfect timing for the big dish of the night: Mr. Manuel Le Saux taking us higher than what we ever thought possible! An absolutely amazing set! Manuel Le Saux, a great professional Italian DJ, with a sense for emotions so subtle and at the same time really intense, balancing and searching for the limit, making us dance, giving it all. I was totally lost in his set,  just couldn’t leave the dancefloor. For the first time I saw him more as a human being than just as a DJ, always keeping an eye on the crowd, with a serene smile on his face and at the same time, asking everything from us; in two words: just perfect. The set of the night.

When Manuel left us all almost exhausted and blissful was the time of Simon Patterson. He tried to keep the vibe high, but with a much lower tempo, it felt like a change in the atmosphere. As if it was difficult to keep it up that high. After a while many friends left and I decided to go for a walk, wc, etc.  I even went upstairs, it felt really warm and I needed some more air. It was interesting to watch from that perspective, a different feeling closer to the crew at work with the camera screens, lights and lasers.

I still marvel myself at the sight of how things are being done ‘behind the scenes’. It’s quite a different aspect than being part of the crowd the whole time, another side of the coin.

The mainstage was somehow keeping me there; I didn’t make it to the other room anymore. Luckily Dragos did and was able to catch up some of Lostly and Shugz. When Patterson left, was Jordan Suckleys turn. I was really curious about him, lately I’ve been experiencing his powerful sets with great delight. And this was not the exception. Amazing! He brought the vibe higher after Patterson‘s set, interacting with the crowd. It was a great exchange, you could see and feel he was having a good time too. It’s incredible when everything matches perfectly. No matter if you are a big fan or not, if you feel the DJ is having pleasure and doing his best to connect with the crowd, there are no doubts about it, he is the one creating  the atmosphere together with the public. There was this feeling of general joy. People were happy, dancing and smiling. It felt as a trail of magic everybody in the room could sense. We all danced until the end, with tired feet and knowing the following day was going to be tough, still none of us wanted to miss one single moment.

Last time I remember having such a good time was at Ferry Corsten Countdown 500 in Rotterdam, also organized by Luminosity Events.

We are the creators

A total homogeneous climate created in conjunction by the organization, the location, the DJs, the people and the best Trance tunes holding us into the blissful moments of eternity. Yet, eternity lasted one night. And oh yeah, what a night!

This was the perfect warming-up prior to ASOT800. I’m really happy I finally made it, especially after my personal experience at ASOT800, with the perfect spirit of fraternity. Yes, the ‘trance feeling of togetherness’ is more than alive.

If you want to know more about the man ‘behind the scenes’ of Luminosity, check out this interview with Bo van Eck for Trance Hub.


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