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Luminosity Beach Festival 2016, a.k.a. Trance Heaven

Written by on July 12, 2016


Flyer 9th Edition Luminosity Beach Festival 2016


Heaven on Earth

Between Friday 24th and Sunday 26th June, extending up to Monday morning 27th, 2016 (if you happened to have gone to the after-party in Amsterdam late Sunday in the night); the best experience ever in Trance world led officially the opening of the summer season with the highest summer’s vibes at club venue Beach Fuel, in the small beach resort town of Bloemendaal aan Zee, North-Holland, the Netherlands.


Trance Heaven – PartyTeam.be©

9th edition Luminosity Beach Festival was my 2nd Lumi and it was a complete success from beginning to end. It was absolutely amazing. Luminosity is one of the best trance outdoor events in the world, a.k.a. Trance Heaven or Heaven on Earth.

Luminosity had all the weather credits. It was warm, clear skies opened up with beautiful colours; sunsets were amazing, not even one rain drop fell during the whole festival. Previous weeks to the event was forecasted a huge storm for Friday and Saturday. Uncertainty was in the air, up to the last moment people doubting and worrying about the weather. I was positive, was really happy to spend this especial weekend with so many friends from all over the world. The real trance adventure was on! And I was ready to party!

The formula for success

Luminosity is an experience everybody should have the opportunity to experience at least once. It’s difficult to translate into words because all elements are a matter of the uniqueness of the moment. The weather was superb. A positive mind it’s really important. The spirit was elevated and the people totally in a fantastic mood, caring for each other, the summer of love was started!


Alan Donaldson Photography©

Luminosity Events brings a complete successful formula, Dutch made, with a strong organisation behind, which combined with all the different factors created amazing and beautiful moments of togetherness.

Trance Family United

The experience grows in parallel with the cheerful attendance. The people fuel the event to make it happen. It’s the energy of that togetherness, in complete blissfulness, when you share a piece of you with everybody else that really makes the difference. Alone, and together as one, sharing the same passion for trance music. Dancing and together enjoying the best music in the planet, at that moment, in that place. Heaven happens on a (some) good day(s)!!

The venue was beautifully decorated with balloons, paper lamps and colourful garlands. The whole atmosphere was of pure joy, excitement, affection. Happy to be re-united with friends whom you haven’t seen for some time, with so many other parties and events spread all over the world. And the fact that time definitely flies. Especially when you are having fun!

Summer vibes were high, people were distended and so long the sun was high in the sky, everything was just perfect, no matter where you happened to be at those moments, the music translated the emotions into pure and utterly family feeling. I remember feeling this spirit of freedom and PLUR, while walking down the sea boulevard together with my trance family friends from Switzerland, France and Argentina. The time was now, walking together towards trance heaven, with pure joy and excitement. Inside me this utterly feeling of love growing beat by beat.

Magic was in the air.

The Real Trance Heaven weekend experience

Day 1 – Friday 24th June 2016

We arrived around 15:30, was really crowded, madness was on. I remember some tracks from Adam Ellis, in the new annexed venue Beachclub Vroeger, on time for the 3- hours set of The Thrillseekers. Vroeger was a nice location, pretty big, nice extra clean bathrooms.


The Thrillseekers – Party Team.be©

While the sun was shining we were all together, enjoying that exact moment of togetherness and feeling like touching the stars.

I was so excited about the whole experience that didn’t just focused on the music. This was one of the first times I felt really comfortable about all. Immediately meeting known faces, feeling part of something bigger, the vibes were really high.

During the 3-hours set from The Thrillseekers I went around a lot. From there walking back to Beach Fuel, in Area 2 Stoneface & Terminal were playing and was what we needed at the moment. Sun was right above our heads. I guess that what I enjoy the most is when I see other people enjoying as well. That you can get lost in the music, and everything is just fine.

In that sense, Luminosity keeps its aura of intimacy. With the addition of Vroeger, it definitely makes it better. More space, more air, more freedom. More people as well, because it is also growing. After that, we had a glimpse of Markus Schulz at Mainstage, but went back to Vroeger for Alex M.O.R.P.H. One of the best sets for me on this day.


Alex Morph – Alan Donaldson Photography©

Then it was the time for Menno de Jong, always impeccable, still we went around and back to Mainstage, fully packed with Jordan Suckley at decks followed by Sean Tyas, an amazing closing with some psytrance tracks as well.

End of day 1. Walking back home, a bit chilly in the air, and still feeling overwhelmingly satisfied. Home sweet home.

Day 2 – Saturday 25th June 2016

Starting a new day, having breakfast the 4 of us in our cottage at CP, was a nice moment to start phase 2 of trance madness. It took me some time to come back in rhythm, didn’t sleep much and still really excited about the day to come. So, slowly getting into the mood, we finally arrived at Beach Fuel during the last half an hour of  Gai Barone’s set on Mainstage. It was not crowded yet, sun was shining, it was kind of chill-out feeling, a state of mood as when you are still waking up and ready to move on forward in the day. Gai Barone was great because he knew how to take us into the realms of this letting go feeling with his progressive beats. There was this amazing feeling of warmth in the air, like a real beach holiday vibe, sipping a drink under the sun, greeting friends, smiling. Love was in the air. The sun and the sea so close.


Gai Barone – Party Team.be©


Orkidea – Party Team.be©

After Gai Barone was Max Graham’s turn, but I was more in the mood for something else, so I ran towards Vroeger because at Mainstage Orkidea was on decks. I must say I’ve heard lots of good things about Orkidea, and had listen some of his mixes but this was the first time I was enjoying his set live. Well, I guess I sort of fell in love. He appeared to me as a nice, soft and at the same time really powerful guy, exactly knowing what he was doing. For a moment I thought it was Sunday, in a chilling mood, slowly stepping into another amazing trance heaven day. Orkidea was a great Firestarter. I was amazed when he dropped ‘True Faith’ from New Order, one of my fav new wave bands back in the late 80’s, 90’s and also an amazing tune. I also caught a moment with ‘Generate’ from Eric Prydz. This was indeed paradise. Together with friends, sun, music. I really felt like nothing could go wrong. Was the ultimate happiness feeling ever.

Airwave was already having fun while Orkidea was on stage. He was cheerful and dancing, we were all having a great time. I’ve stayed some time in that flow and after a while decided to move back to Beach Fuel, directly to Area 2 where Daniel Skyver was in full-mode on. We made our way back again to enjoy the sound of Dutch DJ Sied van Riel, with a really playful set, the whole time interacting with the crowd. Stayed for a while with Standerwick and went back on time for Simon O’Shine, who was amazing. I felt bewitched with this young Polish DJ’s set. He is really skilled on how to take you to trance heaven with his amazing uplifting and emotional sound. The atmosphere was great, I had to pinch myself to realize it was still Saturday, there was 1 more day to go and what could go wrong after so much love and amazing music under the sun?


Simon O’Shine – Party Team.be©

In this mood I stayed in Area 2, more Polish talent came with Artic Moon. He really rocked it! It was time for jumping and getting loose. Saturday was full gas! When Photographer appeared we decided to go back to Mainstage, where John Askew was at the start of his set, continued a bit further up to Vroeger where Daniel Kandi was and time flew till the moment came for big dish of the day: John O’Callaghan at Mainstage Beach Fuel.


John O’Callaghan – Alan Donaldson Photography©

John O’Callaghan was smashing it, and still I could catch a shot of some energetic power Lostly was playing at Area 2. I had this moment I was alone here, felt this amazing vibe coming from the crowd itself, sometimes it’s amazing not to stay in the same spots, discovering new music, new talent.  Then back again at Mainstage with the closing set of Bryan Kearney.

*It was great that we had this extra space to move from one place to the other. It gave us the freedom to move freely, randomly. Even the main bar space had the TVs on, for the football fans. It was also possible to get out and enjoy the beach, the amazing sunset around this time made the best pics of the weekend. I barely went outside. With new good friend Juliana from Colombia we gave South-American passion to each moment of the day, no doubt we didn’t make the time to step outside and make beautiful pics of the sunset at the beach. Anyway, I lived in the moment, at the same time that my friends were somewhere out there, at the beach, other stages, at the bathroom, smoking a cigarette, at the bar, watching football or whatever everybody was doing, we were all having fun! The environment felt good. I felt 100% in the moment, had my own experience of letting go enjoying the moment no matter where I was and with whom. I spent less time with my friends than what I planned, that gave me the opportunity to listen to different DJ’s  and also to meet other new friends. I was grateful. Trance Heaven, a.k.a. Lumi, was sealing my soul with a strong spirit of togetherness.


Togetherness! – Party Team.be©

End of day 2 – Walking again back home, reunited with my trance family, which I barely had seen during the whole Saturday. Was great to walk back our temporary home and having our ‘pasta – party’, late dinner together after an amazing day. Like a real family, sitting at the table talking about how our day was.



Day 3 – Sunday 26th June 2016

Many things in my head, couldn’t sleep much, was really overwhelmed. This day the half of our family decided to leave earlier. We went later walking again down the North Sea coast boulevard, my spirit was high, felt some slightly cold breeze, like the signature of an ending cycle. With this feeling I came into Beach Fuel, ready to have the time of my life.


Binary Finary – Party Team.be©

The day started for me with Temple One. Area 2, where the sun was full bright on our heads, wasn’t that crowded and met immediately some friends. Dance, mode-on. After Temple One I still stayed for some Cold Blue. This German DJ is a real talent, have been listening some of his sets but until that moment not live. Mood was on, on one hand I wanted to stay there, on the other I also wanted to go for one of my favourites,  Super 8 & Tab and also because we had arranged to meet all there around 3 pm at front row. Was nice to catch up again, greet everybody but most of all, to enjoy the Sunday classics with this amazing set. Sunday was a special day in my own feeling. I’ve already decided not to go to the after-party in Amsterdam, like last year I did. Instead of that, I was up to just enjoy the moment. It was about going with the flow, gazing at the stars, dancing, and this necessary energy liberation. The Anjunabeats classics were amazing, of course ‘Satellite’ from Oceanlab was one of the best emotional moments. Being surrounded by good friends at that precise moment was priceless. I had this urge of hugging people and showing my heart so overwhelmed. Everybody was cheerful and happy, apart from some who were just in their own world.

The cherry of the cake for me this Sunday was to discover Binary Finary, which I didn’t know. He gave an absolutely mind-blowing set with full heart. It really made my day perfect.  From begin to end, Binary Finary’s set was for me the authentic revelation of the whole trance weekend!

Was looking forward to listen Kai Tracid but we decided to go for some drinks and ended at the other stage catching up with Sam Jones. We also went outside for a while, doing some socials and relaxing a bit. We came back for the end of James Dymond and oh wow Darren Porter’s set was also amazing, feeling the crowd completely in his hands. When Richard Durand followed up, at this very moment, for the first time in some long forgotten moment, I gave up to something building really deep in myself. In a real state of trance, I opened my heart. I was thankful that the people who were around me at that precise moment were all loving and caring. Yes, Trance Heaven exists.


Richard Durand – Alan Donaldson Photography©

Even Sneijder could continue with the vibe, the crowd was demanding and the energy was high, we were ready for much more. We decided to go to Mainstage, which was fully packed, the legend Paul Van Dyk was back and everybody was there to see him and show him love.


The Legend Paul van Dyk – Alan Donaldson Photography©

It was great to see him again, but because Sunday went back to the old-fashion 2 stages in Beach Fuel, I had some serious problem of breathing while at Paul van Dyk’s set, Mainstage was crowded and as a small person I struggled to stay in one spot without being crushed or step over by all the people, unaware I was there.

I needed to step out of the crowd and went to dance more into the right side,  So I returned exactly on time to Area2 for the powerful and hypnotic closing set of Vini Vici. And what a great surprise not to only finish with psytrance, we had the opportunity to enjoy an extra half an hour from Darren Porter! Completely unexpected, it felt as if the after-party was finally moved to where we were and not in Amsterdam. But, after Darren Porter was finished, the stage was empty and the sound was off. Still at Mainstage the party was full mode on with hard classics with Indecent Noise. They also extended their set a bit longer, and while people were getting ready to go to take the bus to the after-party at Panama in Amsterdam, we were relaxed and tired, feeling amazingly happy, still with our heads full of thoughts of beautiful moments together. Satisfied, tired, happy and also a bit melancholic that it was so soon over!


Darren Porter – Alan Donaldson Photography©

This time we took the coach bus to return to our cottage. The trance marathon resulted into an amazing time with fantastic people sharing the best positive high vibes.  Vive la Trance!

End of day 3 – until next year! Last night together, extremely tired and smiling. In need of some sleep, Monday early to check-out and everybody continue our own way further or back home.

Luminosity  10th edition  2017

Yes, next year promises to be the best. It will be Lumi’s 10th anniversary, 4 days in a row, beginning from Thursday 22th June 2017. Early Bird tickets already sold out, almost half of the accommodation is already booked… indeed, everybody can’t wait till next year to relive the magic of this trance paradise. All my friends already made sure to be back. It says enough about the popularity Luminosity is getting all around the world.


Amazing sunset – Party Team.be©

For the loyal old fans, the people who still gather since the beginning, Lumi should not lose its ‘intimacy’. But at the same time it’s great to see how an organisation can back up such an amazing trance festival for the real trance lover, in perfect scenery, with the best DJ’s artists and a solid organisation who knows what their fans want and need.


Trance is Love! – Alan Donaldson Photography©

Even after the ‘post-Lumi Blues’, which we all have had at a certain moment, I still feel the love energy flowing from this time, it gave me the positive energy to continue dreaming about more trance tunes to dance, more parties, more people to enjoy with. Summer season’s festivals is open! And having all these amazing pics, videos, after-movies, complete sets, the magic to relive the real trance love. You can also find many sets broadcasted live via DJ Channel TV and TER on Mixcloud.

As for now, I am ready for next party, to celebrate my 3rd year in love with trance, Electronic Family 2016 yes, in Amsterdam on 23rd July.

Hope to see you there again and share the highest trance vibes. Together. As one. On the dance floor.





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  1. Dandy Ng   On   July 13, 2016 at 17:11

    I felt love there .. And I’m still missing it.. For that 3 days I was truly in heaven.. In love paradise. In a state of trance. #trancefamily. Hugs!!!!

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