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FSOE 450 KINGDOMS TAIWAN – My journey!*

Written by on November 5, 2016


*By Henry Soh: Trance-Energy Radio Admin and PR


Every year that passes I’ve gotta admit it, Asia doesn’t attract many big trance festivals which we hoped for. We can only envy events in Europe, South America, USA and Australia where there are countless of massive events. Last week, for the very first time in Asia, Spunite Productions organized a truly memorable event, FSOE 450 Kingdoms, in Kaohsiung Taiwan. Before this FSOE it was turn of LA, USA; Manchester, UK & Luxor, Egypt. Only 4 cities were announced to host these 450 celebrations. 3 months ago was being announced while many trance lovers from all over Asian countries were static hearing this so naturally, I wasn’t gonna miss this occasion.

Long awaited then finally came last week; a lot of us were excited. Many of my friends flew earlier a day or two from Singapore. As for me, I’ve arrived just a day earlier, on Friday. Prior to the event I was busy arranging with some of my friends and intended organizing a small gathering and perhaps dinner with a few of the DJs we already knew. Prior coming to Taiwan I didn’t have a clue about it, without me knowing we received invitations by Spunite Productions’ promoters regarding the dinner that we have organized. Dinner was held at Tainan about 40 mins away driving. Gotta admit that I felt blessed and honored… naturally! So anyway, I arrived at my hotel before 4pm Friday. Immediately getting ready heading out!


Dinner with Björn Akesson, RAM & Susana

The meeting

Before heading to Tainan, my friend and I had invited RAM, Björn Akesson & Susana maybe to join us. Unfortunately, Susana was feeling unwell. She needed some more rest.

Anyway, we all go ahead with our meeting and greetings. It was truly an honor to be meeting Björn Akesson for the first time. Actually, 2nd time. It was before by FSOE 400 at Melbourne. He is just another cool guy and easy to talk with.

Then RAM suggested we go to check out their hotel’s restaurant above 30 plus something floors so there we went. Upon reaching, first thing I’ve noticed was the views. They were breathtaking! How fortunate we felt, we were given a VIP table as well. Haha! There we go, started our discussions and chatting. Not forgetting, taking pictures too. Had few blanters, jokes & etc.. So everyone was having fun. Btw, we were with only 8 of us including RAM & Björn.

Time arrived we all must proceed to the dinner venue’s organized by Spunite Productions promoters at Tainan. Dinner was held at an amazing nice warehouse building turned into a restaurant and a club next door. It was posh, I would say. We all felt like we knew everyone but we didn’t. Everyone was simply just friendly and getting to know each other was easy. That’s why Trance Families are indeed awesome. We sat in a very long table. Around 20 people turned up.. more or less. For the very first time, saw Susana up close and personal. We spoke briefly and I asked her how she was? She’s really a tall person, really friendly too. Everyone was busy taking pictures with RAM, Björn & Susana. Natural order.. Lol!

After dinner, we all went to the club just beside the restaurant. It was Halloween. A lot of people were dressed up for the occasion. Not gonna go into details but we all generally had fun. We went back slightly after 1am to rest for tomorrow’s big day.

** It was such a privilege that we were invited to join them (by Spunite promoters), I can’t thank them enough! If you guys happens to see this, once again.. thank you. You all are diamonds! **


FSOE450 Taiwan


With Stuart Roberts

Finally FSOE 450 celebrations arrived and we arrived there early. We reached there before 5pm at International Convention Center Kaohsiung. Queue was just started. Once I could get in, I was immediately greeted by the man behind FSOE, Mr. Stuart Roberts. I was happy seeing him. We chatted and took some pictures. Legend he is. After that, we all went into the venue. To my surprise, Scott Envy shouted at me but I didn’t hear and walked straight in. Finally he caught up with me, I was kinda embarrassed but really glad we finally met for the first time. He’s such a cool and down to earth person. We spoke a lot while we also checked out the venue and the sound systems. I can only say that the pleasure was all mine seeing him.


With Scott Envy

Finally FSOE underway and first artist to get on stage was Björn Akesson. He started progressively, vocal trance and gradually towards uplifting. Slowly more and more people came in. Amazing set he played.  All the while, Scott Envy was with me until he had to go and get ready. My tickets were including back stage entrance too. You guys must be cursing now, why am I so lucky, I’m asking myself, why?! Haha! Anyway, next performance was Allen & Envy. Allen was unable to travel along, so it was just Scott spinning. He came out full of energy, bringing his awesome mix and uplifted everyone. Another brilliant set and we all were just energized from there onwards.

3rd artist performing was Dan Stone followed by RAM, Roger Shah, PureNRG, Aly & Fila, Susana, Sean Tyas and finally the last performer was James Dymond.

After Scott Envy’s set then it was Dan Stone’s turn. He is also another wonderful producer. Every track he played made you feel like dancing. At the same time I was filming videos. And guess what?! At this moment my battery juices were almost gone. Imagine that, with still another 7hrs to go.. Oh my goodness!



Next was my Grotesque boss RAM. His set, I can only summed-up was full of energy, just brilliantly mixed. What a night! By this time, everyone who were having their tickets needed to be inside the venue. The cheering and sing-along whenever a vocal trance was spinned was amazingly heard along especially at the front row! I still remember seeing Ram’s face was little disappointed when time was up. Although I’m not a DJ, I can relate to that feeling of wanting to play more coz I’ve gotta admit the crowd was fantastic. Roger Shah was the next taking over the console. His set was of pure emotional trance, I would say, there was lot of vocal trance throughout his set. He also was showing his personal signature while playing keyboard on his shoulder. I must admit time passed damn quickly. Another hour was gone. Here it was, PureNRG with their own DJ console been pushed out. Along came Giuseppe Ottaviani & Solarstone. Their set was great too. Purely trance. I’m lost with words now. Lol!

Last but not least

Finally we were all waiting for.. Fadi until he came on stage. Everyone was hysterical and cheering. The first pumping beats came throughout his set. What a legend he is! You could see almost everyone with their mobile phone shooting pictures and videoing. Seriously uplifting! Just as u thought maybe it couldn’t get any better. Suddenly, Susana came out singing Unbreakable with Roger Shah on stage too. The feelings were incredible. I had so many goosebumps not only with this track but with every DJ’s set. Fadi played an hour and a half. I still can’t get enough of him even though I had seen him many times. It was again time for Susana to perform her set. There’s no doubt why Susana is one of the best female trance vocalists. Her voice is incredible powerful. She is not only a good singer, also a very easy to approach person coz I had the privilege to meet her before.

Time just passed damn quickly. Sean Tyas was next on the decks. As usual, Sean Tyas never ceases to amaze with his usual antics. Epic it was! Finally it was the turn for the last artists of the day, no other than James Dymond. He is one of this year top ten hottest trance producers. Even Fadi came down to the dance floor in the middle of his set. Even saw him fist pumping. This year James produced a few tracks that were indeed chart topping tracks. He’s hot at the moment, and he is just wonderful! His music speaks for himself. Time flies just like that and FSOE 450 Taiwan celebrations came to an end!

Hope for the future of trance in Asia


Trance Family together!

Well sad to said, good things has to come to an end. Personally, it was an unforgettable night and I wish there will be more. Music throughout the night was choonage! Truly a memorable event! Wish there were more big events being held in Asia in the near future. Next year’s it will be for the big 500 celebrations and I’m definitely gonna be there. Fingers crossed! Well, next big event for me will be Transmission at Bangkok. We will be seeing Aly & Fila performing again. Looking forward to this and can’t wait! Vive La Trance!

Before signing off, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the staff at Spunite Productions for bringing FSOE 450 to our continent. My deepest and heartily appreciation goes to each and every one at Spunite’s promoters & staff, who were working tirelessly during the whole event. Once again.. thank you. Also, lastly I would like to mention a few buddies as well.. Jun Nishimura, Tei Okubo, Audrey Weng, Joseph, Margaret, Jason, Edmund, Aldrin, Stefan, Earnest, LiLan, Derrick, Rui Ting, Dionne, Garreth & Trance Republic and rest of Trance Families.. Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan whom I had the pleasure of meeting. Much love to u guys!

Last but not least, not forgetting all the artists with their wonderful performances.. Björn Akesson, Allen & Envy, Dan Stone, Ram, Roger Shah, Giuseppe Ottaviani & Solarstone, Susana, Sean Tyas, James Dymond and finally Aly & Fila. Also the man behind FSOE.. Stuart Roberts. Until next time, sending love and hugs. Trance for life!

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