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Quench ‘Dreams 2021’ – classics reworked for new audience: about and listeners opinion

Written by on April 2, 2021

“Dreams” by Quench was one of clublands biggest tracks when first released in 1992 and now, nearly 20 years on, it’s ready to hit a new audience. With three massive NEW remixes, plus UMEK’s superb rework that continues to inspire DJ’s globally … Get ready to RAVE once again!


Official artwork

This package covers a mix of talent with a well handled vision on reworking a classic. After kicking off 2021 as a powerhouse in the scene, Trance sensation MaRLo invokes the spirit of the original, reinterpreting this with a tough as nails, driving mix. Followed by Paul Sawyer landing a residency on BBC Radio One, the UK DJ and Producer drops his almighty remix. Taking the original elements and weaving them into a building Tech-meets-Progressive mix that keeps all the hooks and of course those key moments that made the original such a massive record. UMEK‘s mix needs no introduction as a certified monster of a tune, heavily supported by all the main players and will circulate for some time ahead. Next, rolling in with Melbourne duo The Journey applying their formidable touch with a moody, Prog styled vibe, complete with the original’s prominent hooks… the bells… the vocal… and of course, the almighty synth! Joined by main man CJ Dolan, the original producer, here he reworks this monster into a standout track that once again stands out in any set. Tight and punchy with an unmistakable energy it’s ready to set clubland alight once again.

Dreams is firmly positioned as a pivotal clubbing moment for those new to the track, and a firm reminder to the original crowd that it was one of the most dominant and endearing tracks of Rave history.

More Info:   www.viciousrecordings.com

Original version: 

Listeners opinion

Rework by MarLo

Wow! Those bell tones in this masterpiece are ICONIC. And if in the original version – depending on how you look at things – they can evoke the bliss of a wedding day… giving a note of optimism and somewhat leading it to a pleasant expectation like all good things are about to come, Marlo brings the whole state of mind to the present time, giving you the impetus that you can achieve everything you have ever dreamed of, there is no time to waste, just go for it!


Rework by The Journey

A trip to a dark side of the mind, where are locked the desires that will probably never be fulfilled, unspoken ideas, abandoned plans. This song is a deep soul – searching, giving you the courage to face all the thoughts you ran away from and through that, of freeing yourself.


Rework by Paul Sawyer

This song gives you the feeling that time has stood still and that your whole life is a beautiful dream and nothing can change that. It has such great vibes!


Rework by UMEK

My favorite of all, it enhances the original version extraordinarily, giving exactly the energy it needs. Not trying to create another vibe but rather keeping its classic one. It highlights its beautiful own entity in such a powerful way, entity that will never die.


Rework by CJ DOLAN

An incredible journey through all your dreams. Just like floating through the
cosmos at high speed. A track that puts a huge smile on your face and gives you the certainty that everything you ever wanted will come true someday. Pure joy, pure bliss. Such a peaceful mood!

Overall: Maybe we cannot bring the Golden Age back, where everything seemed possible and the world was a galactic dancehall at the end of the Universe, but each of these tracks takes us there. The original is one of the most beautiful treasures ever created, and with each reinterpretation it ensures its immortality, sound by sound.


Text Credit: Trance-Energy Radio’s A&R Admin, Lori Monique