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Trance dream in iconic Milan – when you purely follow the heart

Written by on October 16, 2017

Trance Gate has always been the most emblematic trance music events in Italy. While putting on several solo DJ shows, festivals or themed events a year, it attracts trance lovers from various Italian cities as well as from different countries such as Spain, Switzerland or even Lithuania, where I come from.

Just before the event, there was a traditional dinner at restaurant near the venue with performing DJs which is always a special highlight of the night, sweet precious value, when music lovers meet their heroes, beloved trance scene DJs face to face, talk about music, events, travels, passion for music, the trance scene, productions and details of their private life.

For a trance lover, being able to see a beloved performer having dinner right beside you, request an autograph, give thanks and show the love for music that connects us is more than exciting. Sure, sometimes you can lose the voice due to all the excitement or you may forget to mention some things or questions you planned. These moments are always so cherished, and it takes place thanks to the brilliant idea by Trance Gate head, Gianluca Ferrandu, who has been the primary and probably the only one man responsible for having trance in Milan.

The event was starting and we were moving on to the club. The night we had been waiting for was about to begin. Everyone was excited and focusing on trance and the happiness dose they were about to receive, while outside the lights, the buzzy street with cars, the special Milan nightlife vibe and the trance fans all around the club were coming together almost at same time.

I was meeting some of them face to face for the first time, though we had been Facebook friends for years. They came the whole way from different Italian cities to support trance in Milan and this night’s Trance Gate event. I already felt so grateful for being able to go and to support trance in Italy through Gianluca’s Trance Gate series, but it was also a big pleasure and blessing for my heart to party together at the same location during such an impressive night.

The lineup of the event was chosen just perfectly – from the pure and light trance sounds of Radion6 to some energetic tech and psy vibes by Will Rees. While having dinner, we had missed the first warm-up sets, so our night started with Radion6 on the decks.

During the magic event, every DJ just took us deeper into trance and night literally. Master Jorn van Deynhoven had discretely prepared a very special classic trance set to blow our minds. With every performance, we just felt closer to each other like in a joint dream and in a state of trance, the magic of this night. When you start to think logically and tell to yourself  “it’s happening now in iconic Milan and you party together with legendary Italian trance souls”, it makes the event much more special and takes you much deeper.

Partying in Milan has its own atmosphere and vibe, which is felt also when you are outside the club having some hot food at night with sounds still coming out from the club, in tender summery weather, streets still full of cars and groups of Italians ready for the night.

Radion6 started the music journey with pure trance and it was the right shot for trance addicted people coming that night, featuring great visuals and sound quality, and also a bar with neon lighting added power to the atmosphere. It looked like every detail of the party simply matched Milan and its icons.

Hands in the air, shouts of happiness followed Radion6 set, as trance lovers were eager and finally raving together. The DJ made a live record for Facebook and it was very obvious, how hungry Italian trancers were. The same craziness was triggered by every classic track while the club was covered with Italian flag, the happy trancers madness on every live video – the reason why DJ made recording. After the night Radion6 posted: “Trance Gate you rocked!!!!” with his smiling face in a picture adding thanks for the energy and the passion. That was pure and so true, we simply love him for the magical beginning of that night and the first memories for the heart.

Second DJ was Lostly. Going deeper with the sounds and the beats, he made the crowd sit down, waiting for the drop and then… crazy jumps everywhere. The crowd was ready for it -and probably for anything-. On Lostly’s published Facebook video with this break, the madness and burning atmosphere seemed to go deeper and crazier. It looked like the peak had been reached. At dinner the DJ confided us his secret: he was going to play unreleased tracks, and the set was prepared professionally, so perfectly matched to the first one of Radion6 making us feel and join the magic of trance journey.

Then, master Jorn van Deynhoven took over the decks. His set from this remarkable Milan’s night is posted on Soundcloud and it certainly was a masterpiece. Mixing old classic tracks and some reworks, it was an explosion for our hearts. My mobile phone was recording non-stop, and so many happy smiling faces could be seen in the videos.

The first minutes with legendary The Space Brothers track “Shine”, master’s remix burned out the atmosphere inside the club. With such an energetic beat, excited trancers were jumping like oneself. The happy ecstatic shouts are even heard on the recorded set, and I recommend listening to it – including quality.

Among the highlights, Tiesto’s “Lethal Industry”… a classic that was played by Armin van Buuren at the Giza pyramids a month ago for the FSOE 500 celebrations, but this time my memories of this song and event was overwritten. Jorn created such an atmosphere in Milan which would make me feel shivers right now while writing a review. It seems I can still hear, see and feel jumping trancers around – on a recorded set it’s possible to hear the shouts and the singing crowd clearly, especially when music was professionally turned silent for some seconds at right moments.

Later on, he played “Born Slippy” by Underworld… And tears rolled out from some trancers eyes. The pleasure to party in Milan at this event had literally reached the top. It couldn’t go deeper. I had a hole in my memory when this track was played. And the master didn’t let us go away from this feeling.

It was followed by “Need To Feel Loved” and everyone knows this touching track. Combined with ideal trance beat and sounds, freshly renewed, it sounded too perfect and left no heart outside the trance state. It was just free falling, like in track’s lyrics.

Then it was time for “All over again” by Bryan Kearney and Plumb, and the happy, crazy crowd shouts were as loud like music itself. “Man on the run & RAMsterdam” by RAM vs. Dash Berlin, “Concrete Angel” by Gareth Emery… We were out of our minds, literally. And after, the legendary “Blackhole” by Craig Connelly featuring Christina Novelli, and some trancers were standing astonished. The vocal of the track seemed to cross the club walls, to flow over Milan city in the night and at the same time fill our hearts with the deepest purest joy. We felt no floor, no club. The dose of euphoria that left us breathless.

Will Rees’ debut in Italy made us still so buzzing with his right sounds for this late night time. With new influence of psy he got us energetic, dancing and partying, shouting like during the first sets of the event. Deep tech beats kept us so alive and full of energy to explode for the rest of the night. Will Rees was burning the club with a stronger kind of trance, without vocals, excluding, for example, Amoeba Assassin & “Piledriver” (Greg Downey Remix), when the flowing special vocals of this track took us so high at early morning and it’s still sounding in my mind.

Rees’ set was like a summary of this impressive night. I couldn’t expect more. The event with people around had filled my heart and I wasn’t able to take in any emotion or experience anymore. Too much pure, deepest, emotions, physical experiences, classic tracks and sounds, miracles, trancers around and new friends. No one counted hours, everyone was afraid that would come to an end and I don’t literally remember the end, only some different moments or parts, mostly outside.

The event itself was more than a perfect, surprising in every step and reinforcing the decision to choose this one except other party options. As I say, that is to purely follow the heart and its deepest wishes. Not the biggest and most impressive lineup, neither the new location nor country or others. The man under the Trance Gate name this time has created new standards for Milan trance events and partying in an iconic city, and we will, as we are just looking forward to the next edition of Trance Gate to attend as soon as possible. For me now Milan has climbed to the top 3 cities in Europe to enjoy trance music and vibe, excluding all the food, sightseeing treasures, and benefits, special places to chill, mountains and lakes. It can’t be told, it must be felt and experienced in Milan together with all those trancers that live there.


I couldn’t physically attend the afterparty at the same place after 2 sleepless nights in a row, so after the usual battle between the wish to experience every hour trance and obvious capabilities, I took a walk in the silent city center around the Duomo, Milan’s cathedral. At early dark morning, me and my new friends from Switzerland were deeply satisfied souls enjoying some last moments of togetherness under the city center lights.

This night took several days for me to resume. That even created new standards for myself, I wasn’t ready for so many miracles to land near. And if you ask me – yes, me definitely and others are waiting for the next Trance Gate event. Gianluca, don’t keep us waiting too long – eyes on you!