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Hi guys! My name is Diana aka DAVIDI. I was born and live in Kyiv, Ukraine.

From a teenage age I fell in love with Trance music and over time I started to try creating my own tracks.
My first success came in 2018 when I released my debut track “Eternal light”.
This track received support from the legendary Paul van Dyk and from many others top Trance Dj’s,
that gave me a lot of energy for further work.
In 2019 was released my second track “Wonderland” on which we made a video clip, in the beautiful city of Lviv.
“Wonderland”  also received massive support.
In 2020 was released one of my favorite tracks, trance anthem “Just Feel” also was made a video clip for this one in Chernobyl.
At the moment “Just Feel” still my favorite track.
From June 2020 started to broadcast my radio show “Trance Inside” on “Trance-Energy Radio”,in which I put a lot of love and positive vibrations, enjoy 🧡


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