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Lori Monique

Name: Lori Monique

Born: 15th February 

Nationality: Romanian

Position: A&R Admin

My love affair with electronic dance music started somewhere in my early 20’s and I remember the first artist who became my favorite being Marco V. The advantage of living at the seaside brought me the chance to join festivals and parties with great lineups and soon I became keen on the genre closest to my heart, Trance.

In the years that followed I was pleased being a fan, raving with every occasion, deepening and enjoying music until I became addicted. In time, I thought it was not enough, that I want more, and one day I joined Romanian Trance Family as social media staff. This was the moment that changed my life and opened the doors for me. I loved it, started getting involved more and more, they encouraged me to have my own projects, and now I count 3 and I also take care of one of their social media pages. 

How did I get to Trance-Energy Radio? Romanian Trance Family has a Radio Show on TER, also a close friendship, and that`s how I met “commander” Pepo. 😊 And so it started my journey in TER family, and one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I learned a lot, and “a lot” is a small word. “Everything” would be more appropriate.   

What exactly do I do at Trance-Energy Radio? I take care of the “Promo Of The Week” Project, which means I select the promos that we broadcast and promote on our social media platforms each week.

This is me, and I am proudly part of the worldwide #Trancefamily! Trance ON!  

Pepo’s word: I’ve met Lori by collaborating with RTF and knew from first seconds that this person has a lot of potential but somehow was hidden. To get that out she needed some guidance and lot of space, space to create, to develop ideas, to test things and to make mistakes in a safe enviroment. Basically exactly what we do with everyone on Trance-Energy Radio! So, after quite 2years in knowing her, decided to get Lori with us. You have to think that on the surface she’s a shy person, very educated, sensible, that don’t want to disturb anyone. Under the surface is another story and my focus was on that side of her.  That inner force inside her is what I call “a monster”, a monster covered in passion and energy, a force that you don’t see everywhere. I went to her with the idea to listen and choose the promos that we receive every week. From that idea started the project “Promo Of The Week”, and besides in listening hundreds of promos every week and deciding the ones that will go on the radio, that suits our quality standards, her work “upgraded” by discovering new talents but even keeping an eye on the stage’s many changes. Would be useless to tell all her daily tasks, many wouldn’t understand, it’s a lot of work but we’ve developed a nice system how to make everything easy. As said, with a guidance and lot of space in creating, I want to think that she started all like a “rough diamond” and now she started to shine, day after day brighter and brighter. My payback? Is her joy and how she exalt when she finds a new gem in promos or when she discover a new artist! That joy is my payback, is genuine, is pure passion (translated in a message on many lines, with lot of wow’s and emojis).

So, who’s Lori? She’s a sweet angel, but be careful, she can bite the hell outta you!