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Dave Wm Robertson / Graphic Designer

I’m a graphic designer & promoter for Trance-Energy Radio since around 2018. I’ve been a passionate trance head many years since around 2001, Tiesto was my main influence.

Over the years I’ve attended many events & seen all the greats. I started the #TranceArmy ( Page & Group ) project on Facebook in 2015 and i’m always keen to support many artists within the trance scene.

For me trance is by far the best music in the world & having some emotional intelligence about the music you’re hearing wether you’re the fan or the artist involves understanding what you’re feeling, what others are feeling and letting that guide our behaviour. Trance definitely did this for me & I’m proud to be involved with this amazing radio platform.

Pepo’s words: “Back when Dave joined Trance-Energy Radio, he made some raw artwork, flyers, but in time, with some “kicks in the ass” and patience he evolved very good, reaching a good level of professionalism. His dedication on his work and, of course, the passion that he has took him on a good path. Pushed him to make research about everything and with a right guide now he’s able to make everything very clean on a pro level. I’m very proud of him! He has a talent that’s guided first by a genuine passion, a thing that’s very rare around.”