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Luminosity Trance Gathering at Panama club – where and when joy, euphoria, happiness and purity of sounds are double sized!

Written by on April 25, 2018

The night right before the yearly A State Of Trance festival in Utrecht, Netherlands, I have been left without choice for several years in a row – Luminosity events is the only answer for this evening to kick off the weekend-long trance celebrations.

It’s that night in Amsterdam, at club Panama, when counting to the first hour of opening the door to the party you get the feeling you are missing something strong, deep and every second is so important to get there as soon as possible. Wherever you are, whatever you are enjoying, any company – your heart feels the door is open, and the start of Luminosity event as A State Of Trance preparty is a magnet shining over the city and attracts you to the one place and one direction.

While approaching the club Panama, eyes are catching group by group of trance lovers drifting to it, as most of them are already arrived to Netherlands. Luminosity Trance Gathering attracted fans from all over the world – how priceless are those short bumpings with someone you’ve seen half a year or more ago, at some event around the world and now you can party and be lost in a dream of music, again.

The excitement level is always high when it comes to Luminosity events night at Panama, or everything is just double sized: the intensity of divine memories, the aim to get to the club as soon as it’s possible, the price of being late, the feel standing just outside. You know what night and what new memories, emotions are arriving, and it’s not about the festival next day – more about Panama and Luminosity events amalgamation for this night. And people, the biggest trance lovers from around the globe.

Getting down to the lockers excited, and I try to be quick. The party is already burning, and new story of Luminosity at Panama is being written. I turn my head and recognize friends from Arabic countries or somebody I’ve met earlier tonight – now we will create a new chapter and a new dream of trance.

I hadn’t checked the lineup of the event once before – there was just no any need. Luminosity events has grown its name and selection of DJs for its coming party night can be unchecked. In addition to the place where it’s happening, Panama club, the question of lineup disappears or stays minor just to check which stage to choose for some hour. This year’s Luminosity Trance Gathering lineup had also big names and headliners to play at mainstage and new attracting ones to invite us to the casual second room.

My night at Panama started with Ciaran McAuley, and the fire of this party was already felt on the dancefloor, covering our trance heaven under the lasers and seducing yellow lights. The sound quality, people and their vibe, faces around were already taking deeply into our music world. Pure uplifting track of Aly & Fila “Surrender” played by Ciaran and sharp green lasers came like a brand new day, deleting your past ones and this one too with all the stories you’d wish to forget.


Then comes the sound of Ratty “Sunrise (Here I am)” – such a classic of classics from golden early age of trance. We feel it’s not enough to usually dance on Panama’ floor, some get on the stage. We know this track, everyone knows, everyone remembers and sings around, it feels like the movements you can make are not enough, your physical body is not enough, to shout is not enough. The track costs you shivers all over the body and looks like it’s the sound going through your body and touching to make you shiver. It still costs. Then it costed me to dance despite of almost broken and damaged feet – this track is irresistible. There was like a sunrise after week’s rain, the beat and melody, the sound you recognize from ages and you will the next decade. Under violet lasers heaven it was the paradise which Ciaran took us to and the big claps from us were totally not enough to thank him.

The second DJ, awaited so much, was Craig Connelly bringing what we had expected – some of own tracks like “No one like you”, “How can I”. Music dream was there – pure trance journey of Craig and lasers did it together with magic melodies from the first sounds, the beauty of sounds. No surprise people were shouting on the dancefloor. The angelic vocals took us over as well as the view of lasers going together with the beats and it was more than words could describe now. I remember one thought – blinding lights’ mainstage literally makes you get lost in ecstasy and intensity of this bliss moment.

The other room of Panama offered different sounds we could drift into and get some refreshing beats. There were The Stupid Experts adding new colors and music journey experience to the night. After them it was so joyful to watch the most successful trance DJ and producer from my country taking the decks, especially at the intimate Panama’s room. I couldn’t not to ask Anske, the biggest Lithuanian trance talent, about his own impressions of this night and the opportunity to play at Luminosity event.

The most successful trance DJ and producer from Lithuania – Anske

“Luminosity Trance Gathering was absolutely amazing. It was a memorable and intimate party. Great seeing people and the Schulz Army coming along and celebrating the artist,” – told Anske several days after the event. “During the night I played quite a few new mashups of my own tracks. I also road-tested some exclusive material which I cannot fully reveal just yet! All in all, I was really pleased with the crowd response” – he added. And he’s still so thankful for Luminosity team for inviting him to the event and progressive stage: “I cannot wait to be back to Holland soon very soon!” – concluded the most successful Lithuanian trance DJ. And this wish of him became real – Anske got invited to play at Luminosity Beach Festival this summer.

Back to mainstage, where the paradise with Giuseppe Ottaviani was burning us out by DJ’s tracks and remixes. The vocals of “Ocean Tides” from MaesTro track in “maestro” Giuseppe uplifting remix made time and place disappear. Tracks of Giuseppe could never stop. And we felt no sadness when one was about to finish, just because the second would be replacing it with new tale to experience. Giuseppe’s own track “Lean on me” was one of those, and big applauds followed it for making this night so classic.

With DJ Sean Tyas there had come another bunch of energy, attractive trance beats and melodies that couldn’t stop crowd dancing. When he was playing the remix of “Take me away” classic of 4 Strings we were not just taken away, but burned out by all trance euphoria. Almost every track, new sound played by Sean was accompanied by shouts and voices of crowd in ecstasy. After several hours being lost in the night we felt no lack of energy. We were aiming just for more of trance, visuals of the stage with shining snow going down on us along with variety of strong and sharp, crossing-air colorful lasers.

It was such a night and such a joy. Such euphoria. Purity of sounds and feelings. Happiness. The purest version of “Satellite” by OceanLab was played and the world was away, same like from song’s lyrics, like being lost in the crowd that is storming around, clapping, shouting and making another melody of itself. The track by Phillip J “Silent emotion” made me to get down with silent emotions. Angelic vocals burned the moment inside the heart, new memories, new story, new faces met and seen, new moments to stay.

Whoever I asked later about Luminosity night and moments, and to choose one word to describe it, there flew quite resembling event resumes: “amazing”, “excellent”, “intimate”, “magic”, “brilliant” or just “no words”. There was just Luminosity fairytale under Panama laser skies, which to we come from around the globe, and we have it just the only one.