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Luminosity Beach Festival – is there anyone who had enough of this world trance mecca?

Written by on July 9, 2018

When you mention Luminosity Beach Festival, there’s no person from trance music world without getting to know this event. During the past decade, Luminosity Beach Festival is named between the most famous festivals and has grown into world-known trance event, probably such just the one, with the longest, every year astonishing lineup, pure beach location and trance lovers from around the globe.

Every year, when the festival date is approaching and the lineup is being announced part by part, many of event attenders post about trying to solve it and later getting lost into the choices between DJs, stages, which sets, trance acts to pick and which ones to miss without regretting. It’s a mission impossible to detect a similar lineup for trance event, festival. Especially this year so far.


Passing dunes of Netherlands coast, stepping off at the beach spot named Bloemendaal aan Zee with a landmark, Poort Beach hotel, and our appointments square, joining crowds going down the lane to the beach – here is where 4 days’ Luminosity trance journey begins. Just few steps down the road, and we stop at the entrance of beachclub Bloomingdale getting decorated by hawaiian style colorful garlands. There are 2 stages inside, colorful and cozy to party Sunset Area was followed by open-air Mainstage.

The Space Brothers playing their unforgettable singles from ages

Sunset Area was the room of the most intimate, friendly parties and the purest, so rare and desirable, exclusive trance acts. Starting on Thursday, Sunset Area stage hosted rising talents and veterans DJs, which were playing just one step away from us, in the center of rectangle room. Probably the most awaited act from this stage was The Space Brothers. Playing their unforgettable singles from ages, classic ones, with view of skies and beach, under blinking lightings garlands, they took us to classic trance moments, feelings, experience, emotions that can be perceived by decades old trance lover.

From there we were drifting to 2 bigger stages in beachclub Fuel. One of these stages was the most important for the festival, the biggest, open-air, set up just right at the beach, from where you could watch the sun going down. Mainstage was designed in a hemisphere and adorned by a number of little flags in various colors – flags had never stopped flying in the wind and played a role to transport us into a joyful dream festival we just could imagine. One footstep away from the Mainstage we loved to jump into the hammocks on a sandy beach, to lie down, indulge watching main party straight from here.

Copacabana beach stage was resembling to island party with classic music

Few meters from Mainstage, and we enter the special world of classics and pure trance, Copacabana beach. At this intimate smaller stage, with view of Dutch dunes behind the DJ, we caught the pack of  classic trance acts performing, couple of them – the first and maybe the only one time, so whispered wish to their ears to see them playing somewhere again. This open-air stage was resembling to some beach party on the island under hot summery sun with classic music, fresh duos and live trance acts.

From entering any of 4 stages you just dive into an attractive, joyful trance party, but not customary one. Event was happening during the daytime, everyone was partying and enjoying pure trance. We knew – these 4 days of Luminosity Beach Festival would be missed after, Lumi blues aren’t just name.

Several hundreds, couple of thousand visitors were inside the stages during the event every festival’s day, but it was felt packed only on Saturday. The other point of this trance addicts crowd – there were plenty of familiar trance faces partying, including DJs themselves. It would be complicated to imagine a better and more passionate visitors – especially when it’s about trance addicts from all over the world. There were so many different countries flags from around the globe and still it was quite a surprise every time to find out the number of trance lovers arrived here simply for Luminosity event, arrived from all corners of the world – Australia, USA, South America, Asia. Beach Festival was world’s trance mecca for those days, and probably it will stay this mecca just until the next year’s Luminosity event.

Experiencing spectacular, exceptional moments of Luminosity along with sunsets

The whole 4 days were like one. It consisted of our roads to the beach, then walking between 2 festival’ sides. It could sound as some minus, but… between those 2 Luminosity parts beachclubs, cafes, bars were situated, with direct view on a beach, where you could stop to chill and enjoy beach life time, drinks, to feel like on holidays, to have some talks with new trance friends and indulge yourself.

The meetings and stories created during the festival probably need another one telling. The wish to meet that ones you felt missing during a past year was done. The wish to meet those ones you had lost at some event in Europe was done too. And there was a place and time for thousands of new stories and experiences to create between stages, sunsets, our road from one beachclub to another, Zaandvort and Haarlem. There were times together that touch and leave traces, and now we share the wish to see all those with whom we were experiencing that spectacular, exceptional moments of Luminosity trance festival. Even DJs, when asked about Luminosity experience, responded in a same way, naming it an exceptional event, feelings, reunion.

When one festival day were closing, we were just waiting for second, even more impatient and excited. When Ferry Corsten played the very last, final set of Luminosity, we were in a mixture of emotions. The will to party like never before was mixed with the feeling of festival, our last moments together coming to an end along with that one sunset.

Luminosity festival closing celebration brought to tears many of us

The last minutes of Luminosity closing celebration brought to tears many of us. You can visit as many festivals around the globe as you wish, but this one still has its own specific impact. Many exploded along with golden fireworks at the beach over multicolored sunset horizon, bright lasers that were adjusted to final melodies. 3 different closing tracks by Ferry Corsten were simply nothing to add.

After the festival social media is covered by the posts about someone being broken in a good way, ironically asking the universe to help get back to normal life and forget about heaven, when only one track takes back to so fresh deep memories and feelings. Trancers were left speechless, amazed, in awe, counting days to the next one Luminosity Beach Festival, sharing hundreds of pictures, joking to ask to pick up voice or heart on someone’s way back home, because that part of them was still partying at beachclubs, strolling somehwere around Bloemendaal aan Zee.

“Just struggling to hold back the tears <…> When I look back I’ll realize just how I happy was” – many festival visitors could resume the Luminosity blues now, as it was posted by this one several days ago.

Even the date for next year edition is already set, we can just hope the festival will extend to one more day – rhetorical question, is there anyone who had enough?..