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Luminosity Beach Festival – the dreamy place where trance lovers roads will cross this summer

Written by on June 25, 2018

If you were asked to paint a dream of trance festival, what would it look like, what paintbrush strokes would you use? Would you draw first the most passionate and addicted trance lovers from around the world, various countries, trance lovers who just can’t miss this legendary festival? All together for not less than couple of days diving into various subgenres of trance music? Envisioning the dreamy location during summer time probably leaves no choices – imagination leads to nowhere but a wide sandy beach with sea breeze and a view of breaking waves against endless skies and horizon.

Enclose all that by the lineup without comparison, astounding by variety of trance DJs and acts, projects every single time you open the timetable – and the trance festival dream will be complete. The lineup has some of trance DJs or sets you have been hunting for ages – they were invited and getting ready to play here, at Luminosity Beach Festival, where the dream to see them performing live finally will be real.

“I’ve tried to pick 5 favourite artists from the lineup, but I couldn’t – it’s impossible” – a friend from Ukraine has posted some days ago. It’s just impossible to count trance acts/DJs and sets from this year’s Luminosity timetable as well as it’s quite a difficult task to pick up the ones you are planning to listen to. The names of performers shine through like a meticulous composition of trance scene genres “elements”.

It’s difficult to pick up from lineup the ones you are planning to listen to – the names of performers shine through like trance scene genres “elements”

Since Luminosity Beach Festival is traditionally being organized at the beach in the Netherlands, it’s just enough to imagine and dream about that shining complete lineup and 4 full trance days in different captivating stages, just in front of the sea, under open skies, until summery sunsets. After 4 days in festival we will head to an afterparty in Amsterdam to close Luminosity experience at Panama club, where the last energy and emotions drops will be run out.

While the last few days left until this year’s Beach Festival, social media twinkles with excitement from time counting or sharing tracks to warm up before our trance highlight of the summer. Countdown has started one month before Luminosity, and now every day you can find something related to festival preparations, discussions, organizing preparties and after-after-parties, meetings or just hungry waiting.

If you have been missing or expecting to meet some trance friends from Facebook face to face, or just make new ones – this festival is the place to be. Here you can see those ones you haven’t met for ages, for months and years, maybe arriving from other side of the world, because Luminosity Beach Festival is where our trance roads cross. Here you can meet someone you lost at other party around Europe and to have a chance to catch this person again.

Beach Festival has become an iconic, classy and so attractive trance event year by year, so you feel – if you miss it, you’ll miss something immense, and not just extremely “trancy” lineup. From 30 countries visitors several years ago Luminosity has grown into a festival with much more numbers of countries, where local Dutch will be immersed into the sea of trance lovers arrived for this reunion from abroad.

This week trance lovers social media will shimmer by only one subject – Luminosity, our pictures with DJs, friends and trance family members, already met or recent ones, emotional stories revealed, all of our emotions in a colorful plentiful palette as well as burning parties by the stages, sunsets in trance sounds and times with all those shining acts playing just a step away in front of us, our small private gatherings on the sand, where incoming trance festival’s dreamy stories will be painted not only by one.