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Mario Piu – Originals, The Review

Written by on December 20, 2020

The legend Mario Piu is back with his album “Originals” and he proves once again that he’s a master of dance music.

Trance-Energy Radio‘s resident and legend Mario Piu just released maybe one of the wickest albums of the year, “Originals”, an album full with emotions, sounds and emotional states that you’ll feel yourself as part of it.

Released on Beatport under Azura Recordings label, this album is one to add in any collection. We had the priviledge to have the album in advance and tried to review it through the eyes of a fan, without technical side, without speaking about the music genre or other technical terms.

This album is about feelings, about living the experiences in your life and should be listen like that,  The best expression of feelings is through music, through the divertsity of sounds that can “speak” loud your happiness, pain, desperation, anxiety, excitement joy and so on. 

We’ve asked to our Staff and fans about the tracks included in the album and we’ve chose the best quotes. So here they are:

1. Suicide Squad Retouch

Do you know that moment when you have nothing to lose, when you are calm but you are also afraid, all mixed up and you feel like laughing hysterically? When the voices in your head repeat the same obsessive thing and you try to silence them, and when you finally manage to hide them somewhere you only hear your pulse, you only hear how you breathe, you are left alone, you get a state of anxiety and you become agitated as if you needed to hear them again? And all from the beginning? That’s the state of this song. And I can’t help but think, smiling, of the brilliant exchange of remarks in the film: “- Would you die for me? – Yes! – That`s too easy! Would you live for me? ” 😊

2. Age of Love Mario Piu Edit

An interesting reinterpretation of the classic Age of Love – The Age Of Love. It gave it color, size, an impressive air and not only brought it nowadays, but took it in the future, it’s like he’s teleporting it from where it was directly to somewhere where we neither even think we’ll get ever there and… ..he obviously contributed to her immortality.

3. Back from The Hell

It is actually poetry. It hypnotizes you. It gives you such a feeling that you are floating, that you are actually rising. I cried that I’ve broke down myself and because it overwhelmed me.

4. FutureSex

It’s like that feeling when someone squeezes your throat so you can breathe just enough to live and look into your eyes and smile like a psychopath and for a few moments you don’t know how much confidence to have that doesn’t kill you and you can’t oppose, you don’t even want to. It’s one of those borderline sensations that doesn’t compare to anything in this world. Eh, this song, if you close your eyes and listen, it’s like an obsession with the sick, bdsm out of love, you feel it so it surrounds you, it touches you, you feel it, in you, at least that’s exactly what this image gives me. It’s gorgeously sick.

5. Heets

Chaos and nothing more and nothing less. It has a lot of energy, a lot of strength, you feel like you’re in a roller coaster. It’s fabulous,

6. Intollerance

It’s by far my favorite song. When it started I wanted to type how beautiful it is. In any case, I couldn’t get over it, I got stuck and put it on repeat. I couldn’t listen to anything else all night. I haven’t heard anything so beautiful, so perfect, that has them all.

7. Acension (Mario piu 2019 Edit)

It has some sound effects that you say are not from here plus a beautiful echo that gives you the impression of depth and you actually say that you are about to step into a portal to the other world but you are still kept here, that you are actually between 2 worlds. It is extremely complex and…. A little scary in some places which is true, I kind of admit that I gave it 2 times slower because of the shivers. 😊)

8. The Vision 2020 (Mario Piu & Fabio Guglietta Original mix)

Bomb! So this is really spectacular in every way! I don’t know how to say it’s old and new at the same time as style. I think I had the most fun on it. It is the lightest and most accessible from my point of view in terms of sound and the only one that has a higher dose of optimism than the dose of sickness.

9. Metamorfosi

On the 2nd place among my favorites, it’s crazy, it really takes your head in the most beautiful way possible. And not to mention what images give (to me), that ones like kaleidoscopes that permanently change their color and shape. And at about 4:10 it’s like you start spinning with it (the image) like that. So it’s a miracle and nothing else. A fabulous trip can be used quietly instead of hallucinogens. Play this one on repeat and I think you reach the right state. 😊)

10. Ayers Rock (Mario Piu 2019 Edit)

I think the most beautiful hard techno song I’ve ever heard in my life. It’s absolutely fantastic, like a song that you really don’t want to end. I don’t know what else I could say, he left me speechless. If I tried, I think I could describe it better, but I think I would ruin the beauty it has in my mind.

Overall opinion: What he says reflects his life in recent years, I think it’s an album that can be (I don’t know how that will sound) close to most of us. I think we can all find ourselves in him or we found ourselves sooner or later, I think that everyone, when is left alone and looks in the mirror without anyone seeing, is full of traces of these states, and how everyone goes through their own filter what they see, hear, ecc.

And this album I think can be perfectly folded on the experiences of each one, anyone or almost anyone can easily relate to it because it touches almost all parts of a person’s life. We all have bigger or smaller demons, stronger, weaker and generally about the same. It depends only on how much you let them manifest. How do I see the album? I see it as a repression, actually when you scream, when you cry to unload so you can heal. It is a life lesson more than profound, a kind of “there are others who go through what I go, I am not alone”. More than the music itself, which very hard it can be described in words, it is an invaluable gift precisely for the emotional load that it has. It’s like a psychological movie that eventually leaves you tired, with a terrible headache but happy and full of a sense of release. It’s an album to listen to alone, as a secret. It really is a masterpiece. Just my humble opinion…