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Roger Shah – Magic Island – Music for Balearic People

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Sunday 5th 20:00 22:00
Sunday 4th 20:00 22:00
Sunday 3rd 20:00 22:00
Sunday 2nd 20:00 22:00
Sunday 1st 20:00 22:00

Roger Shah

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Welcome to Roger’s Island, the magic island where it is not about specific styles or musical sub genres, it’s about the mood, the vibe, the lifestyle…the Balearic feeling. Here on Magic Island you will receive your weekly portion of a summer holiday as you would cruise around a beautiful island yourself.

Expect a wide range of sound, the first hour will bring you the best from the trance world from epic melodic anthems to beautiful vocal tunes to banging club tracks while the second hour is much more relaxed, deep house and Balearic influenced but also expect cool and progressive sounds as well. Enjoy and discover your journey on and with Magic Island – music for Balearic people.

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