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F.A.Q. Trivia

What is Trivia?

*A trivia game or competition is one where the competitors are asked questions about interesting facts in many subjects. In our case about Trance Music.

How you connect?

*You can download/install our Windows app from Microsoft Store from your Desktop by searching for “Trance-Energy Radio” or at THIS direct link.

Or you can join from our website at “CHAT” page.

You’ll be connected to our main channel #trance-energy. To join for the game simply type “/join #trance-trivia” for the Trance related game, or for simply FUN and general knowledge questions “/join #trivia”

How to play?

*Once you got connected and joined the #Trance-Trivia channel, or #Trivia, the robot TranceEnergy will ask “questions”. If the game have not started just type “!trivia” and will do.

Every questions has 30seconds time for answering.

At every question there are 3 suggestions, where the first one gives you an idea how many words and letters are in the answer and at every other suggestion will give you letters from the answer.

Here’s an example: 

<@TranceEnergy> [8499] FSOE Release: FSOE291 Hazem Beltagui  [30 seconds] – 1500 points [Game:1, Game:13/14]

<@TranceEnergy> Sugestion 1/3: *** *******

<@TranceEnergy> Sugestion 2/3: T** ****dox

<@TranceEnergy> Sugestion 3/3: T*e ***adox

<@TranceEnergy> Looks like nobody knows, the answer was [The Paradox], maybe at the next you have inspiration..

What’s the syntax of the question?

(Questions explained)

*Most questions have a “common” syntax and we’ll try to explain better how.

We’ll take as example the question above:

[8499] – Every question has a number, easy to identify in case a player want to report it as  wrong. (check bellow about reporting)

FSOE Release: – Most questions, besides the Wiki ones, are related to a specific Label release, in this case Future Sound Of Egypt (FSOE). Some contains even the YEAR of the release. Other question instead can contain Release date so you know have to give as answer the release date of the main “question”/subject.

FSOE291 – This is the Catalogue Code of that release. As we all know, every track has a catalogue code and we’ve added this “item” in case someone wants to check or to find that song faster.

Hazem Beltagui – After the Cat.Code comes the main “question” or main subject, in this case we speak about a release of Hazel Beltagui on FSOE. On some questions, with higher dificulty level, the main subject can be “Artist – Track Name” and have to give the Release Date.

[30 seconds] – 1500 points [Game:1, Game:13/14] – 30seconds to answer, 1500 points for the correct answer, number of the game (optional info for us to monitor better)

Another SPECIAL category of questions is [KAOS]

This special category contains, as difference to normal questions, 2 or 3 answers. The syntax is similar to normal ones for all 2 or 3 answers and you can give 1 or 2 or 3 correct answers. This Special category is added as a “boost” of points.

Commands you can use

!trivia  – starts/stops Trivia
!hint – get’s 1 letter from the hidden word 
!stat [nick]/[-reset] – get’s the userstats [[-reset] to reset] 
!top [gen]/[week]/[play]/[fast] – get’s the general,daily,weekly TOP
!buy – buy 1 letter from the hidden word with your round points
!pow – get your power list
!place [nick] – get your place in the TOP
!play [nick] – get your play time
!report <number> [reason] – report a invalid/wrong answer or question
!ping – get your ping reply
!help – view commands help

The Powers

* At the end of the round, the user/player with the most points receives a power.

Here are the powers:

PowerBonus – if you guess the word you receive a bonus
PowerTime – it will add a number of seconds to the current hint
PowerMe – only who gave the !me cmd can guess the word
PowerSkip – skips the current question

How to activate them? Just type the following commands during the game:

!bonus – apply the bonus power, if you answer correctly you will get the bonus
!time – apply the extra time power, it will add X seconds to the  current hint
!me – apply the ME power, only you can answer the current question
!skip – apply the skip power, skip the current question

Special thanks to:

* The entire TclScripts Staff for making this game possible and patience in upgrading it during the years.

* BLaCkShaDoW for his patience and his work in making every feature working.

How to register an Username?

(Optional but we reccomend it)

The UniversalNet IRC Network allows you to register a username, with which you can login to the channel services bot, X, and to register your nickname. Follow those steps!
To register your username, you need to go use the following command:

/msg x HELLO <username> <email> <email> <1-3> <verification answer>
Valid verification answer numbers are: 1 to 3
1: What’s your mother’s maiden name ?
2: What’s your dog’s(or cat’s) name ?
3: What’s your father’s birth date ?

(NOTE: Your e-mail will never used by us! We don’t send e-mail of any kind. The username it’s just a security option in case you forgot or want to reset your password)

Usernames are used for:

  • channel access via X
  • joining +r (Registered Users Only) channels
  • setting your usermode to +x (Virtual Hostmask that hides your real IP)
  • the Trivia robot will remember you faster and add you in it’s memory with the username, that’s unique.

Owning a username is much safer than owning a nickname, because in this way, you can use any nick that isn’t taken, and still be logged in to X with your username, proving your identity, and still benefit from UniversalNet services.

How do I log in to X?
After you registered the username, you may login to X on Undernet by using the command:
/msg X@channels.universalnet.org login username password
If your username was Steve, and your password was “easter”, then you would type (do this in the status windows, so you dont’t accidentally drop your password into the channel):

/msg X@channels.universalnet.org login Steve easter

To hide your real host, and replace it with the virtual one, you need to set your usermode +x by typing:
/mode yournickname +x

To register your nickname, you need to go use the following command (after you logged with your username):

/msg x set nickname YourNickname

That’s all.

Wish you all a great chat and to have fun with the game!

May the Trance Knowledge be with You!