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Synastry – Global Trance Gathering

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Friday 4th 16:00 17:00
Friday 3rd 16:00 17:00
Friday 2nd 16:00 17:00
Friday 1st 16:00 17:00


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DJ & Producer group Synastry Music or just Synastry is a Progressive/Trance duo coming from Belgium & Hungary.

With a weekly radioshow by name Global Trance Gathering airing every Wednesday starting
at 14:00 UK / 15:00 CET time selecting every week in the show a tune of the week
track which can be voted at the end of the year by a poll on Facebook by the listeners as tune of the year. Sending promos to

Damien van Immerseel started out as a DJ but already fast he met after a few years his partner in The Netherlands when they both went to a trance festival. They bundled their power together and started both a new project which today became Synastry. Now Damien is also producing learning every day from his partner and from other producers in this scene. Damien worked also as A&R for a few labels in the past. When Trance Energy Radio went live for the first time Damien became resident¬† DJ for the station which means that he is one of the first DJ’s the station had
Istvan Budai coming from Hungary was already a producer and a DJ as well but mainly focusing on making tracks rather of playing gigs. When he first met Damien in The Netherlands they bundled their power together and started out as Synastry. As a main producer of Synastry and learning his partner all the tips & tricks from the producers aspect.

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