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Agenda 2018: another year that will be to remember

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2018 has begun, and it is a very promising year. This year has kicked of with many news and releases, and there are some more in the queue. But not only that, we can look forward to many events and albums in the upcoming months.

Markus Schulz engagement

PH Dave Neven

This year has started with some announcements from our DJs. The most sounding was the engagement of Markus Schulz with Adina Butar. It didn’t come as a surprise, but after a massive 2017 for Markus in the professional life, this other side -considering he has always remained tight-lipped about his personal life- is, for me, great news. This duo-marriage is already a powerhouse, and we will be lucky to hear more from them in the year to come. Congratulations!

The year of the follow-ups

Four days ago, our dear Saad Ayub dropped his own news for the fans. He has just let us know that this year he will be releasing some follow-ups to the tracks that loved in the last years. The most awaited for me, is the new collaboration with Jaren, something we had discussed with Saad and Jaren herself back in September 2016 when I interviewed them after the release of Ever After I can only be so excited about this!

However, it seems that after one year of great success for him, he has also managed to work on a new chapter in his work with Jennifer Rene (with whom he previously produced Move On, another great track) and Christina Soto, whose amazing voice gave life to Daylight. Saad, we will be waiting for your releases!

Above & Beyond: Common Ground

As we have anticipated before, Above & Beyond will be releasing their sixth studio album, Common Ground, on the 26th January 2018. The album will feature the amazing talents Zoë Johnston and Justine Suissa, and will mark the return of Richard Bedford to an A&B album.

The album will include some tracks that have been already played and acclaimed by the crowds, such as “My Own Hymn” ft. Zoë Johnston, “Northern Soul” ft. Richard Bedford and “Alright Now” ft. Justine Suissa, together with some of the more melodic and classical Above & Beyond tunes. You can already pre-save the album on Spotify and pre-order it on iTunes!

The big festivals: A State of Trance

Like every year, the pace of 2018 will be marked by the periods of waiting for the big festivals and the following sadness because it’s over, until you resume the waiting-for mood.

The first big event of this year will be A State of Trance festival in Utrecht, to take place the 17th February. Once again, ALDA events will be putting on the greatest indoor trance festival there is, now with five stages!

The big news is precisely the fifth stage, as this has come to fruition after discussions between Armin and the legend John 00 Fleming. The fans will be able to witness Airwave, Spencer Brown and Gai Barone among others on that stage.

As usual, there’s a lot to expect from this festival, like the Argentinian talents Heatbeat B2B Chris Schweizer -certainly recommended-, plus the Dutch comebacks Purple Haze and NWYR, and the masters Solarstone, John O’Callaghan and Jorn van Deynhoven. Certainly an event you don’t wanna miss, and also: Trance Energy Radio is one of the official broadcasters!

The big festivals 2: Luminosity Beach festival

Headliners Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Bryan Kearney, Chicane, Gabriel & Dresden and Solarstone. Do I need to add anything else? Well, if that’s not enough check the three phases of the line up that have been announced so far.

If last year Luminosity beat all odds -despite the horrifying weather that lasted the whole weekend- we can only hope that we will experience those four days without rain and with the impressive line-up that is already promising a lot!

As usual, Lumi will take place in Bloemendaal aan Zee (Netherlands) from the 28th June to the 1st July. Tickets are already on sale, so don’t come back crying when they sell out!

The big festivals 3: Transmission  Bangkok and Prague 2018

For the Asian trance lovers, this year will bring back the bliss of having Transmission in Bangkok! This will happen soon, on March 17th, and the line-up is almost at that point where it can’t get any better:  Aly & Fila, Ben Nicky, Ferry Corsten presents Gouryella 2.0, John O’Callaghan Official and Bryan Kearney present Key4050 -this one got me absolutely blown up-, Jordan Suckley, Markus Schulz presents Dakota and The Thrillseekers presents Hydra. It’s gonna be a blast, satisfaction guaranteed.

After the amazing show and the firework fiasco, everybody has their eyes set on Transmission Prague 2018. It’s gonna be massive, for sure, but the big question is: what surprises await for this year?

There’s not so much information, as a whole year is yet to pass before we can go there, but we will keep you posted about it!

More festivals!

Tomorrowland in Belgium and Brazil, Electronic Family in Den Bosch (Netherlands) New Horizons in Nürburgring (Germany), UMF in Split (Croatia) and Dreamstate (USA) are some other of the events that will be back in 2018 with a bang!

New Armin van Buuren album?

Armin has stated that he has been working on new tracks, and that he has at least three new singles ready to be released. But his last album, Embrace, was released in 2015, so a new studio album seems a bit overdue. However, he says this could come at the end of this year the earliest. Bad news for AvB fans? I don’t think so. Probably Gaia and other projects will be benefited if he’s not dedicated to produce a new album… we’ll see!


These are just some of the events in 2018 that we’re looking forward to, what else are you expecting? Let us know in the comments!

Transmission 2017: The spirit of the warrior – setting the bar higher than ever!

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It is not new to say that Transmission lives up to the expectations they create. It is not a lie to say there’s always more than you can think of in first place. So it won’t be any revelation to say that we were there and came back amazed and invaded by the spirit of the warrior!

Believe it or not, I have been living in Europe for 3 years now and this was the first time I managed to go to Transmission. I had been hearing stories, watching videos and so much more about Transmission, to the point I was wondering what have I done wrong so far to be unable to attend to any of the previous editions. Even before Trance Energy Radio decided to cover the event, I had already bought my ticket and everything was set: I was not missing this year’s edition even if I had to sacrifice for it.

ASOT 836 – ADE SPECIAL, a dance event, a trance event, a great event!

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Amsterdam Dance event is the showcase for all the biggest names and events in all genres of dance and electronic music. A State of Trance is the most well-known brand for trance events and naturally, the most listened trance radio show. That is why, the synergy of combining these two massive powerhouses had created a big hype and expectation in most of the trance fans, but also raised the hopes of the fans to a point where it was hard to deliver. Disaster or success? Let’s see how that night went!

This year’s ADE was especially relevant for trance music in many aspects. Not only the ‘classic’ events took place, but also new and enormous gigs were added to the schedule, in a fashion that lets us imagine them established for the years to come. Personally, I was a little hesitant at the beginning, since there were so many events overlapping, I had other compromises too and during last year’s edition, it had been rather complicated to balance everyday life with all these events (and back then, the offer was smaller).

What’s in ZOYA’s mind? Trance, love and passion.

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Creating music is a constant experiment, and that’s what ZOYA has been doing for the last few months in order to deliver her new track ‘In my mind’. About to host a trance remix context for her new track, the Bulgarian-born artist has created a new piece of music that explores a different sound but still showcases her full talent, and we talked with her!

When it comes to female artists releasing new material, I can’t avoid but feeling thrilled. Most of the times female artists are somehow allocated in the background whereas male artists catch all the attention. So when I knew that ZOYA was producing new music I thought it was the time to give her some well deserved space.

Despite her new track ‘In my mind’ has an experimental pop-house sound, this doesn’t mean she has left trance at all. As you may had read before on our site, most artists want to explore different fields, styles and genres. And ZOYA is one of the perfect examples for this.

Trying to find a Common Ground

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Life is made of small moments like these. In this case, those small moments are the three and a half months ahead that separate us from the release of the next Above and Beyond album, which will be titled “Common Ground”.

Despite we don’t have lots of information about the next record and we don’t have an official tracklist to look forward to yet, we already know the cover art and at least three tracks that will certainly make it to the final cut.

Right after the magnificent celebration of ABGT 250 in the Gorge Amphitheatre in Washington, USA, Above and Beyond has left us shaking, full of emotions and craving for more. Since the beginning of August we have known that there’s an upcoming A&B album ready to be released, but now the rumours and news have turned into a fact.

Trance is unique: it cannot die, it cannot be replaced

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Music is above all, a source of joy. I personally can’t conceive my life without music, and in the last 10 years I have been listening mostly to trance. To some extent, trance music has become a part of me.


Usually music has the power to pull back memories from the depths of our minds. Memories that have to do with situations, smells, feelings, even physical sensations. To be honest, music is one of the few things that connects me with my emotions, and trance is one of the many genres that can bring me to tears like a child.

Is from this connection with my emotions that I realized that one, as a part of the trance family, builds a history along with trance. It becomes a part of us because it has some special features, and generates situations that can only be understood by people who have been in a trance festival or event, but also those who like me, from home as well, have listened to this wonderful style for years.

Ferry Corsten’s ASOT takeover, Armin awakening from his State of Trance?

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Throughout the years, Armin van Buuren has remained one of the most relevant trance DJs. He has promoted trance around the world and has introduced many people to this genre. However, in the most recent years, his personal style has been shifting: some say that he’s following commercial profits, some others may defend it as a personal creative path. Whichever is the case, it seems that Armin is coming out of his State of Trance and going towards A State of Something Else.

Last week, we heard the first of many yet-to-come A State of Trance takeovers by friend DJs. The pick for the first one was Ferry Corsten, which in my opinion was a great decision, but at the same time is has risen many questions: if A State of Trance sounds as good without Armin, is Armin expendable? Is he replaceable?

The best of Armin Only: 20 years and still going strong

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This weekend on May 12th and 13th, Armin is celebrating his 20-year career in music with two gigs in the Amsterdam ArenA. Promising a night of Armin Only’s top quality consistency and guest spots from some of his most highly praised collaborators, the event is definitely one to look forward to.

During the last 20 years, many things have happened for Armin, the trance scene, and the world itself, so we decided to make a short narration of some important events that we think have marked the storied DJ’s career.

Gone and back: not always on the right track

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2017 seems to be the year for the great comeback of former Trance producers, who have been gone for a while. But Trance was never gone, and as we all have seen in the last few events, coming back is not always the easiest task.


In the last few years, we have seen many Trance producers emigrating to other genres of electronic music, many of those were considered ‘pioneers’ in the trance scene, but also other were the new up-and-coming promises of trance (or at least that’s what we thought).

A few weeks ago many of us attended (virtually, remotely or in person) to the A State of Trance stage at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, which has been on everyone’s lips due to the comeback of two main acts: NWYR and Purple Haze, these are the new stage names for W&W and Sander van Doorn respectively.

We all live for that energy: ASOT Festival 2017 – Utrecht

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After a long year waiting, A State of Trance Festival finally came. And it still feels as it went way too fast. An event that exceeded expectations and that brought some surprises: here’s a take on this night with the facts and my personal input.


What an event! Every year ALDA events tries to raise the stakes a little higher when it comes to organizing a new edition of A State of Trance festivals in the Jaarbeurs (Utrecht, The Netherlands). It has been becoming a ritual for me, something that I have to do religiously every year. I feel lucky that with every edition I like it more, and I feel a big part of it has to do with the effort and dedication behind that both the organizers and the DJs put into this gig.

Under the theme “I live for that energy”, A State of Trance has deployed a number of renowned and up-and-coming DJs that have provided one of the best spectacles in Trance and have set high expectations for the rest of the year.